Farmhouse Friday 5/18/18

Happy Friday! How is May treating you? This week, as I gathered links for this post, I noticed that most of them have a bent towards minimalism and simplifying. It's a popular theme around the Farmhouse lately as we've been gravitating towards the simple in all aspects of our lives. In all honesty, we're too ambitious and have too many young children to lead a life of complete simplicity, but it's something we're striving towards. I think the word 'simplify' is a bit overused these days, but for us it's about removing the negatives, thoughtfully spending time and money on the positives, keeping our priorities and mind, and becoming, as Mr. Money Mustache would call it, "happiness maximalists". Have you heard that phrase before? Happiness Maximalists. It means the thoughtful and deliberate pursuit of happiness when considering where and how to direct resources, or atleast that's what we think it means. Garrett especially has related to that and it's been a focus in our discussions as we've planned for what's next for our family.

Well it's Friday again (phew!), and I've rounded up all my favorite links from the week, so grab a cup of coffee and jump in.

When the stuff you own keeps you from your dreams. This is the good stuff right here, and I think everyone can relate.

An NFL veteran who donated everything to travel the country in a van. I love this story. Living simply (there's that word again), adventure, a dog, and a fresh's all here.

Our complicated relationship with stuff, a podcast from Young House Love. They talk about this book, which inspired John and Sherry's own shopping ban. I'm going on a year without buying clothes but would love to try a wider-reaching shopping ban like they did!


source / design: Sarah Gibson / Photo: Sarah Gibson

Sarah's mudroom reveal contained some of my favorite art ever. And even better...she painted them herself! This is definitely one of my favorite rooms to come out of the One Room Challenge this Spring - check it out here!

The best chef in the world's home kitchen. I love so much about this space, especially the wood beams and the hood vent.

Melissa's minimalist wardrobe. My sister read this article (thanks for sending it, sis!) and immediately ran upstairs to pull unloved and unworn clothes from of her closet. Getting dressed in the morning shouldn't be a big task.



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