Farmhouse // Some Old Photos of Our Home


One of my favorite things about old houses is the history, and not just the history hidden behind the walls and underneath the carpets.  I love hearing about the people who lived in a home before us.  The way they lived.  How they reconfigured and redecorated the spaces.  The parties they threw.  There is so much magic in that connection to history!

Farmhouse Old Picture with Car

When we moved into our Farmhouse last summer and met our 90-year-old neighbor at the mailbox, I was beyond excited to learn that he had grown up in our Farmhouse (his dad and grandfather built it).  He shared a little history of the house every time we crossed paths at our mailboxes, and I found myself really looking forward to those run ins.  Garrett and I planned to have our neighbor over for dinner once we settled in, but unfortunately he passed away before we could schedule a time to visit.

We were fortunate to also meet our neighbor's daughter and grandson (the latter of whom we actually went to high school can you not love small towns?!).  Neither of them ever lived in the Farmhouse, but they spent plenty of time here visiting family and inherited the family photos.  We had the two of them over for dinner with their families last month and let me just say, it was absolutely magical to have the fourth and fifth generations of the original owners of our home, sitting around our table.

Farmhouse with two in front 1965

Thank you Debbie for sharing these amazing photos!  It's so special to get a peek into what this old home looked like and see the people who lived in it.  And for the record I think this old house is about the prettiest country home I've ever seen, back in the early 1900s and today (and yes, I realize I'm 100% biased!).  Garrett and I are still pinching ourselves that we get to raise our kids here and call this beauty home.

I'd love to hear from you guys.  Do you love the history of old homes like I do?  Any good stories from your own home or family's home?



p.s. we're halfway through the Porch House reno already (well, the main parts of the home, at least).  You can see my increasingly- frantic daily progress updates here ;)