Gift Guide // New Home Owners, DIY Renovators, Homebodies, and Old Home Lovers (basically us)

With Christmas quickly approaching, we wanted to share a gift guide with everything we love as home owners, DIY renovators, homebodies, and old home lovers. We own most of these items and the one’s we don’t are under our Christmas tree or on our wishlist. And better yet, everything can still be ordered in time for Christmas (if you hurry!).

The Grit and Polish - 2018 Gift Guide Adult.jpg

1 // Dutch Oven - this is the most-frequently used pot at our Farmhouse. And it looks just as good as it works (that matte black and brass handle 😍😍😍). We bake bread in our 4oz dutch over almost everyday and I ordered Garrett a larger version for Christmas so he can make us soups and other deliciousness too.

2 // Tassel Pillow - I love this pillow and it’s on my wish list for the boys bedroom.

3 // Ornament Candle - This is a Capri Blue candle, who make the lovely volcano scent (which smells like Anthropologie stores), and this one a shoe in for prettiest candle ever!

4 // Dinner Bell - I’m jonesing hard over this dinner bell. They’re solid brass and perfect for hanging by the back door.

5 and 6 // Smart light switch - we recently aded one of these to our entry (and a plug-in too) and we’ve loved it so much that we’re buying one as a gift. You can set them to a timer (our’s turns on 30 minutes before sunset) or turn them on/off from your phone or smart speaker. A great gift for any homeowner!

7 // Warm socks - if you’re new to the old house scene and live in the northern latitudes, I highly recommend stocking up on warm socks. They’ll keep your toes warm and thus your heating bill lower. I’m partial to SmartWool as they’ve covered my cold toes for a good decade now, but any thick and cozy pair will do!

8 // National Trust for Historic Preservation - I’ve been a member of this organization on and off for years. It’s a great way to support historic preservation, plus you can get discounts at some historic hotels (I always ask when checking in and we’ve often saved more than the membership cost).

9 // Chunky Throw - cozy blankets, how I love you so! This wool throw from Rejuvenation would cozy up any winter evening and is high on my list.

10 // Watering Can - help those you love to water their plants by giving them a stylish watering can that can’t be ignored. This one definitely fits the bill!

11 // Tape Measure - There’s never a tape measure when you need one (well, at least in our house) so this is a super useful gift for any homeowner.

12 // French mason jar - I’ve been seeing vintage (or vintage inspired) glass jars popping up everywhere in interiors lately. They’re usually filled with simple botanicals and look minimalistic and perfectly chic. This one would be a great gift for homebodies or new home owners.

13 // Dewalt Drill + Driver Set - a must for all homeowners!!! This is the first tool we’d recommend buying if you’re just starting out and it would make a great gift for new homeowners or those dreaming of renovating. It also happens to be our go-to house warming gift for first-time homebuyers.

14 // Leatherman - multitools are great to have around for anything that arises. I recently got this one for Garrett (he accidentally tried to take his last one through airport security 🙈) and he wears his on a belt, but I’d love to store a weatherman in our car and a kitchen drawer.

15 // Vermont Honey + Beehive Pot - I’m a sucker for anything Farmhouse Pottery makes, and their beehive honey pot is atop my wish list. This would make a great gift for a cook or someone who spends lots of time in the kitchen.

16 // Fir + Firewood Candle - this is my favorite candle for the winter. It’s a lovely fir scent made by Capri Blue and would make a great gift for a homebody.

17 // Robotic Vacuum - this vacuum is currently sitting under our tree and I can’t wait to open it. Clean floors here. we. come!

18 // Habitat - this is a favorite design book of mine. Lauren Liess has such a beautiful and simple aesthetic and is one of my all-time favorite designers.

19 // Get Your House Right - this was introduced to me by fellow home bloggers and is such a treasure trove of information. This would make a great gift for anyone thinking of renovating or building a home.

20 // The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up - a great starting point for decluttering and loving your home more. This would be great for anyone who has recently moved or someone who dreams of downsizing!

21 // Homebody - I mentioned this last week, but Homebody is one of the best interior design books I’ve read. It’s organized by room and shows how different styles are incorporated in the spaces. Very practical and easy to translate to your own space. I’d recommend this for design enthusiasts and DIY renovators!

Happy (last-minute) Christmas shopping to you! We’ll be back next week with a holiday tour of the Farmhouse and then we’ll be taking a break to spend some time with family and plan out our projects for 2019. Have a great weekend!

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