Our Go-To Paint Colors

With paint colors, I'm a minimalist. When I find a color I love, we use it over and over again. In fact, one paint color covers about 75% of the last 3 homes we've renovated, which I'll share in a inute (hint: it's a white). Not only is my color minimalism an if-it-ain't-broken-don't-fix-it situation, but we've also found that sticking to just a few colors in our homes takes the guess work out of touchup. There's always a gallon of paint on hand!

With all of our renovations, we have longevity and rentability in mind. That means I stick with classic paint colors: whites, warm neutrals, navy, and black. You don't see bright yellows or bold reds on our walls, and probably never will. We use classic colors that look good in a variety of lighting situations and with lots of decor styles. Here are three of our our go-to colors.

Benjamin Moore Simply White

This is our white. It's a little on the warm side and it looks good in most natural lighting situations, although the brighter the better. This is the color that covers the majority of the walls in our last 3 remodels.

Pro Tip: don't get this one color matched by Sherwin Williams, it turns out a little too yellow.

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

This is a classic navy that is dark and rich and really beautiful. We used this color on the exterior of the Porch House (with Simply White on the trim and Revere Pewter on the deck) and get complimented on it all the time. It feels both classic and fresh and always looks beautiful.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

This is our go-to warm beige and it always looks good. We often ask the paint store to tint it to 50% (meaning they use half of the amount of pigment they usually would), which is nice for rooms with low light. Either way, pair this color with Simply White trim and you can't go wrong.

Bonus: Two More Colors we Love

For fun, here are two more colors we've used recently and loved. Each color decorates the walls in one house that we've renovated, so they haven't reached 'go-to' status yet. But they're on their way!

C2 Vex

We painted the Porch House kitchen cabinets and trim in this soft, warm neutral with a hint of green. It's a really beautiful hue that changes with the light - sometimes reading green and sometimes reading gray. It always looks fresh next to white (BM Simply White shown here) or, say, navy blue wallpaper.

Benjamin Moore Onyx

This is the black that we used at the Dexter House on the kitchen cabinets and a few walls. I love it because it reads true - as in not blue and not purple - and is refreshingly crisp when paired with Simply White.

Pro Tip - I like to save dark colors for small, private spaces like bedrooms and offices.

Those are our 5 work-horse colors that work in most spaces. Do you have any stand-bys? pssst: pin this image for easy reference later.

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