Happy Friday 04/26/19

Happy Friday! This week we celebrated Earth Day in the garden, picked up trash at our local trail head, and heard all about our Kindergartener’s field trip to the transfer station (yup, they toured the dump 🙌). Hope you got some time to celebrate this beautiful planet of our’s this week, too!

The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse Master Me.jpg

Farmhouse master bedroom // sources

Garrett sent me this alarming article titled “You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep - And It’s Killing You” and it made me reevaluate our bedtime routine around here. So we’re putting our phones down earlier, reaching for real books, and turning out lights by 9:30pm. I’m sure it won’t always work, but goals are good.

Lauren Liess, one of my favorite designers, was interviewed on All.Sorts.Of and her story is incredibly inspiring and relatable. Highly recommend this one for anyone who’s found themselves underwater on a house or living in their parent’s basement.

Don’t worry about your child’s (mild) everyday stress. It may be helping. Good to know.

I’m not sure how to describe this exactly, but it is the photography of childhood and it is beautiful. Photographer Ashleigh Coleman captures her every day with medium format film.

We’ve been cutting plastic out of our kitchen and got these stainless steel water bottles for our kids. They amazingly don’t leak!

The images that could help rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral. And the brilliant, young professor who made them before he died.

Studio McGee shared our bedroom last week and it made my day!

Have a great weekend!