Happy Friday! 10/12/18

Happy Friday! I have to say, no matter how many times I go to New York, I'm always amazed by it. The architecture, the people, the bustle. And this time around we got to share the experience with our kids, which was amazing on a whole new level. It doesn't actually take much to impress our small town kiddos (an escalator or elevator will do) so you can imagine what the subway and skyscrapers did to them.

One thing I love about visiting big cities with young kids is that you can just pile them into a stroller and walk or ride everywhere. This visit we made it to the Natural History Museum, the Bronx Botanical Gardens, Times Square, the West Village, Central Park, and every playground we found along the way and we didn't get into a vehicle once. It was great!

Well enough about our trip (and I apologize for the barrage of vacation photos - it was nice to take our cameras out of the house for a change ;). I found lots of good links from around the web. Dig in!

Stunning doesn't begin to cover this Brooklyn townhouse. I'm completely in love with the kitchen/patio space and the backstory behind the owners.

Loved Cassandra's dark October mood board. And I have to wonder, is the Tacoma Converted Garage kitchen going moody just because we're feeling all the Fall feels right now? Hmmmm...

And speaking of October mood boards, Sarah's was right up my (dark) alley too.

Dominick's talk on 'drift' kind of blew my mind, so I stopped and went back to episode 33. I've been looking for some inspiration on using my time better because, if I'm being totally honest, it's been a sh*t show around here lately. I can't seem to get the laundry folded or remember what day my son's soccer practice is on. And I'm always struggling with being present with my kids and getting enough dedicated time to work on this here blog, which I'd probably do 50 hours a week if I had it. Anyway, the podcast is a start...

Beyond excited to see Rifle's new rug line. Also from Instagram lately: loft inspiration, and this kitchen, which I'd like to transport to our Farmhouse. And add some large doors and a patio ;)

Serena and Lily's friends and family sale is on now and 20% off with code "homelove". Lots of you have asked about our hanging chair and this is the sale I bought it at (I love their textiles too!).

Hope you have a great weekend!