Happy Friday 10/5/18

Happy Friday! We're off to New York City this weekend to visit family and spend as many waking hours at the Natural History Museum as our kiddos can muster (dinosaurs are kind of a big deal in our family ;). We've been meaning to take the kids to NYC for a couple of years now, but we finally pulled the trigger after getting an Airbnb booking at the Farmhouse. Please send any kid-friendly recommendations our way! Speaking of Airbnb, we're learning that renting out our primary residence is easier in the summer than during the school year. Weekend stays feel much more disruptive when you're dealing with lunches and backpacks and all. the. paper. coming in and out of your front door every day. Going forward, we'll probably limit these rentals to the summer and big breaks.

Our Farmhouse // entryway, rug

We finally got a new rug in our entryway. It's an indoor/outdoor rug so you can literally hose it down. It's taken me 2 years to decide on a rug for in here. That's longer than it took us to renovate an entire house. Sheesh. And don't even get me started on the light fixture. At some point last week I realized that the main floor of our Farmhouse is just difficult for me. I'm not exactly sure why - maybe all the wood or the history or the daylight that only comes in the morning and evening - but all of the rooms on this floor are only half decorated. Sometimes spaces are just tricky, you know?!

Waste not want Not: Time, Money, and Trash. "Hopefully, a few small changes will begin to have a cumulative effect with big results for a more simple, more purposeful, and more joyful life."

In case you find yourself up to your ears in apples, this recipe from the Faux Martha looks delicious.

We've been thinking a lot about kitchens lately (did you see yesterday's post?) and this one stopped me in my tracks. It's simple and beautiful and my goodness, I love those black cabinets. And while I'm sharing Instagram inspiration, this bathroom is amazing.

It's official, the Makerista is the queen of Halloween.

15 clutter-free kid birthday gift ideas. Because we could all use less plastic figurines in our lives.

We've always wanted to go to Prince Edward Island (especially in the Fall!) but this vacation rental is giving me one more reason!

Loved this interview with Miv Watts (Naomi's mom! and author of the Maverick Soul, which is now on my Christmas List). She has the best outlook on home and I love her recommendation to buy authentic rather than the cheaply-made reproductions.

Have a great weekend!