Happy Friday 12/21/18 + Merry Christmas

Happy Friday! And a very Merry Christmas to you and your’s! This is our first day of winter break, and we’re excited to spend some quiet weeks at home. We’re trying to fit in all the holiday movies and cookie baking we possibly can before 2019. You too?


This week, we went to our 5-year-old’s first holiday concert and I smiled so hard my face hurt. This right here is the good stuff, you know?! Lately it feels like there’s been more joy in our home, and I’ve come to believe it has to do with our kids’ ages. They’re just really fun right now. And even more importantly, they finally sleep through the night (mostly)…which means Garrett and I are 2x more rested than we’ve been in 5 years. It’s amazing! Which means I’m ready to regress and add a puppy into the mix. Ha! I’m not sure I’ll be able to talk Garrett into one, but here’s hoping for a new family member in 2019 🐶🤞

Well it’s Friday again, and I wanted to share a few things from the internet. Grab a cup of coffee and dig in!

Who Says we Need Changing Fashion Anyways? An interesting read about the clothing industry. Apparently in 1930, the average American woman owned 9 outfits and now we own 30+. That’s further encouragement for me to downsize my wardrobe next year.

I fell in love with Amber’s beautifully-curated, simple Wyoming life recently. Her aesthetic is pure perfection!

TheFairviewFarmhouse IG Barn in mountains.jpg

source: @thefairviewfarmhouse

An oldie, but a goodie. 8 Messages from the World’s Greatest Chef, including “eat leftovers”.

If you’re into kitchens as much as me (which is probably impossible, but you know…), than this Instagram account is for you! Their ‘bespoke interiors’ are dreamy and full of character.

This Parisian apartment will want to make you get a velvet sofa…and a Parisian apartment. Love Darya Kopp’s colorful family home so much!

The Joy of No-Gift Christmas. I’ll be honest, I’ve found our ‘no gift’ practice to get harder as our kids grow. We’ve shifted to ‘less-gifts’ and try to focus on people, food, and traditions. But I soooo relate to a lot of the sentiments in that article.

The cutest sugar cookies, ever.

Melissa of the Faux Martha is teaching an online minimalist kitchen course and you can bet I’ll be attending. It’s totally free and starts January 8th!

My friend Ashely of The Gold Hive came to stay with us last week. We’ve known each other for a couple of years but never met in real life before now. We got along fabulously and my kids loved her…especially 3-year-old Brooks! The internet can be a really cool place, sometimes.

Happy Holidays!



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