Happy Friday 3/15/19

Happy Friday! Our home-away-from-home this week has been the Oregon coast. And a cabin in the redwood forest. And a quaint ocean-front town in California. We’re currently deep in wine country, soaking in the sun and scenery…and hotel pools. Our kids are all about the pools (and continental breakfasts)! I can’t even count the number of beaches we’ve played at or breweries we’ve visited, and we’re all feeling the lightness of a good trip!

2019 Spring Road Trip - Redwoods prarie creek state park cabin 2.2.jpg
2019 Spring Road Trip - Redwoods prarie creek state park cabin.jpg
2019 Spring Road Trip - Yaquina Head Lighthouse 5 OR.jpg
2019 Spring Road Trip - Meyers Creek Beach Daph 2.jpg

Cabin #1 in the Redwoods State Park’s Elk Prarie Campground, Yaquina Head Lighthouse, and Meyers Creek Beach

Go home to your ‘dying’ hometown. This was the most thought-provoking article I read this week and I loved it (admittedly, the premise felt familiar).

Love the diamond detail in these cabinets

Our home journey started small. Just 400sf in the backyard cottage we’d call home for 3 years. And then we upsized to the 790sf Bryant House. Joanna shared a tour of that home along with an interview about our small-space living on Jojotastic this week

This rustic and refined mountain getaway feels so comfortable and interesting. And that bathroom…swoon!

The modern trap of turning hobbies into hustles. “You Don’t have to monetize your joy”…what a revelation. (I mean that seriously!)

8 unexpected perks of a library card.

Another card we bought this week…this one. It gets you into so. many. parks! plus I love supporting our national parks. We also bought the passport to go along with it (it was cheaper at a park visitor station). You fill it with stamps at each park you make it to and it’s been a huge hit with the kids!

Have a great weekend!


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