Happy Friday 3/22/19

Happy Friday! This post is coming at you from the road after 3 days of camping in Joshua Tree National Park. There’s no wifi or cell-phone service in the park (gloriously) so I’m a little late, but writing this on our way Prescott Arizona. We’ll be spending a few days there with family (and finally meeting our newest nephew!) before…sigh…heading back north. 

Speaking of Joshua trees…have you ever seen one? They’re straight out of Doctor Seuss! They give the desert an other-worldly feel and we all loved it! During our short visit, we hiked, explored, soaked up the sun, cooked over a camp fire, and woke up to freezing desert temps with all five of us squished into a tent. Ha! 

Airstream joshua tree 2.jpg

photo by @patkahlo

Mortgage free living…”we bought our new Farmhouse with cash”. I love stories like this!

The People Who Eat the Same Meal Everyday. Turns out that it’s actually the norm. Food variety is “ a very urban, almost postmodern, quest. It is recent. It is class-based.” I find this fascinating…also I’m one of those same-meal-every-day kind of people. 

For those of you local to eastern Washington, Tara Westover, author of Educated will be speaking in Wenatchee and Omak next month. I finished her book on this road trip road (it’s even better than I expected!) and passed it on to Garrett. I’m reading this book next. 

Speaking of reading…this solar lantern has been our saving grace at night. Best part about it…no batteries required.

Jersey Ice Cream Co (my favorite renovation duo) recently shared a peek into their business, inspiration, and process with Lulu and Georgia. “We want it to feel like the design has evolved over time and wasn’t just plugged in from a plan we created on a computer screen.” Love them. 

What it really means to be “self made”.

Have a great weekend!


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