Happy Friday 4/19/19

Happy Friday!

Spring is all about falling back in love for me. Falling back in love with renovating and house projects. With making a home and keeping it up. With walking in my front door, taking a deep breath, and just enjoying it. I think both our Farmhouse and I come out of hibernation, wash our faces in sunshine, and just feel ready for it all. You know?

Also, the daffodils this time of year sustain me.

The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse Entry Runner 1.2.jpg

our Farmhouse entryway // sources

Garrett was in Seattle this week doing some maintenance on our rentals, so our laundry room renovation has sat untouched. But the kids and I are planning out a garden. We picked up some lavender - to help ward off mosquitoes…these candles are also on my insect repellant wishlist - and plenty of seeds. I thought about putting a garden off for another year, because our kitchen reno will keep us plenty busy this summer, but I really wanted to start. So we’re starting. And we’ll get done what we can. And I’m going to try and be totally okay with however much that is.

12 great comments on love. My favorite: “…he shrugged and said: ‘For you, I’d even lick the mouse.’…”.

I often wonder what the kitchens in our turn-of-the-century homes looked like when they were built. So I loved this look into the Marston House’s kitchen. Can we bring back skirted cabinets?

A family of 5 in 180sf.

My identical twin sister sent this one to me (which will make sense if you read the article): what a year in space does to the human body. Very interesting.

Easter kind of snuck up on me this year (you too?), but I wrapped up this book for the kids. It’s seems especially fitting with all the garden talk this week.

If you need a cute and easy idea for your Easter table, check out these napkin bunny ears.

Have a great weekend!


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