Happy Friday 5/10/19

Happy Friday! How was your week? I don’t want to jinx it, but we’re having the best Spring weather. Garrett, the kids, and I basically spent all week outside, working on our garden and building a patio. Our outdoor furniture delivery is due next week, and I. Can’t. Wait!

We’ll be enjoying the heck out of our garden for a few days and then shifting our attention back indoors. The Farmhouse kitchen is eagerly awaiting our attention (as is our new cottage project)! Speaking of kitchens, this one stopped me mid-scroll….

Dee Murphy Kitchen ORC 2.jpg

design + home owner: Dee Murphy // photo: Zeke Ruelas

The One Room Challenge wrapped up this week, and Dee’s kitchen (pictured above and below) blew my mind. Dee just knows color…and how to style. And check out all the other room reveals here.


Minimalism on the path to financial independence. I found Jillian’s path to retiring at the age of 32 incredibly inspiring!

I’m 100% behind this flooring trend. That second image has my heart.

These everyday objects, not just the joy-inducing ones, are clues to strangers’ daily lives: the magic of estate sales.

Lauren Liess’s garden is exactly the kind of “livable space” I hope our garden will become. I loved seeing how her family uses their garden on an unassuming Spring weeknight.

Speaking of gardens, I’ve been wearing this sun hat whenever I’m outside at our Farmhouse. I’m committed to taking better care of my skin this spring/summer!

How to improve your memory. It turns out incredible memory capabilities are latent inside all of us.

Raising old-fashioned kids in a high tech world.

Have a great weekend!


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