Happy Friday 5/31/19

Happy Friday! This week went by in a flash, didn’t it?! Here we are at the weekend again and we’ve made little progress on the kitchen renovation. But there’s hope yet. We have no plans this weekend and I’m thinking it may be time to demo the rest of the kitchen (selective demo, of course). But then again the forecast shows sun. And we have a garden to tend and a kiddie pool to lounge in and… well that demo might just have to wait until next month! 😉

The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse Garden Patio Furniture Me + W 2.jpg

Our Farmhouse garden patio // patio furniture (TCS is giving away a set and you can enter to win here!)

What it’s like to grow up uber rich. Garrett and I chatted about this article on our drive to Metrie yesterday (to pick up paneling for our kitchen!!!). It’s an interesting commentary on money and what it can do to people.

Another thing Garrett and I chatted about on our drive yesterday: this Freakonomics podcast. College tuition looms large in my fears…but maybe there’s hope. 

A stunning home in Sydney. That entry with the checkered floor…swoon!

The key habit that makes people happier (the problem: most people never try it).

This couple lives happily in a 300sf house and they shared exactly what their tiny lifestyle cost to build (I was surprised!).

This Instagram post really hit home. I’m struggling with the time commitment of Instagram and the necessity of it, too. Growing feels impossible and burnout feels inevitable.

I’m considering chopping my hair off. I actually asked my mom to bring over her hair-cutting scissors this weekend (she cut my hair until I graduated high school!). Thinking about a bob like this but of course it would be more grey like this one (how cute is she?!). And I just made my ‘hair’ Pinterest Board public, so if you’re in need of a little going-grey or haircut inspiration go follow it!

Have a great weekend!


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