Happy Friday 6/15/18 + Clutter-Free Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Happy Friday! And happy Father's Day to all you indispensable men in the world! We get to celebrate both Garrett and our 5-year-old, Wilder, this weekend since the former is an amazing dad and the later had his birthday earlier this week. Woe is me, these kids are growing up entirely too fast (said every parent, ever ;).

via @themoderncaravan

Back to Father's Day for a minute...we've shied away from gift-giving on small holidays, but we still like to make the day special for the dads in our life. I wanted to share a few simple ideas for inexpensive, clutter-free gifts that we love. We'll definitely be doing a few (or all) of these this weekend!

A Story by the Kids - Wilder wrote a story for Garrett this year and it was just so sweet. Wilder dictated the story to me, I typed it up, printed it, and folded it like a book. It was an adventure story full of dinosaurs and Wilder was so excited to give it to Garrett that he couldn't wait for Father's Day. Ha! I'm pretty sure it was as fun for Wilder to create as it was for Garrett to receive!

Hike/Bike/Nature Walk - get outside for a hike with the kids! Getting into nature is my favorite way to relax and renew with Garrett and I love getting to enjoy it with the kids too.

Brewery Trip - You may have already noticed that we love to go to breweries. For a day like Father's Day, I like to pack a little treat like fresh-baked cookies or some seasonal fruit and bring it to our local brewery (which allows outside food and kids). We get to enjoy a beer and community and the kids get to hang out with us. If you don't have a local brewery, you could always pick up a 22oz-er of his favorite microbrew and enjoy it at home!

Family Pancakes - our family really does breakfast. Pancakes, waffles, crepes, and eggs are on a weekly rotation around here. But we'll make Father's Day breakfast extra special by making a compote or picking up some seasonal fruit.

Help Him Work for a Day - offer Dad an extra pair of hands around the house for the day. Together you can finally prune those shrubs or pressure wash the house. Bonus: you'll get to spend hours together!

Go Camping - there's nothing like a night in the woods to bring the family closer together! We have always been tent sleepers, but a vintage Airstream wouldn't be a bad option, either ;)

Make a Sweet Treat! - nothing says "we appreciate you" like a hot pan of brownies or a DIY version of Dad's favorite candy (like these).

I'd love to hear if you have any other easy/inexpensive/clutter-free gift ideas for the holiday! In the meantime, it's Friday again, so I rounded up lots of great links from the week. Grab a cup of coffee and dig in!

Molly Yeh has a show coming to the Food Network! I can't wait to see more of Molly and loved reading about her experience filming a pilot (so different from our experience!).

Wilder is always asking to borrow Garrett's leatherman so this birthday we got him one of his own! This kid's version comes without a knife blade (you can add it in later) so it's safe for a 5-year-old. I'm kind of obsessed with how cool these are!

via @themoderncaravan // Airstream renovation by Kate Oliver + Ellen Prasse

I've been staking @themoderncaravan's Instagram feed for a few weeks now (the photos in this post are both theirs!). Kate and Ellen do an amazing job fixing up vintage Airstreams and their feed has become one of my favorites on IG. Crossing my fingers we'll get to tackle our own Airstream renovation one day.

Messy people, minimalism is for you.

This 1928 Spanish-Colonial is gorgeous! I especially love the living room and outdoor space.

Going gray, gracefully. I'm trying to figure out how to do just that!

Have a great weekend!