Happy Friday 6/29/18

Happy Friday! What a lovely, slow week it's been. We got back from camping on Sunday to a clean home and all the summer feels. After some much needed baths and laundry (camping with young kids is messy business ;), we filled our time with jam making and getting outside. A good week!

Our Farmhouse kitchen / marble slab, crock Farmhouse Pottery (c/o)

I've been thinking a lot about our kitchen lately (you can see more of it in this IG post). The space is okay as is. Truly it is. And I'm heading deep into #firstworldproblems here when I say, we'd love to change around the layout and bring a more historic look to the space. I've dreamt about the changes ever since we moved in. A more functional flow. Solid surface countertops. A better connection to the outdoors. And a 6-burner range. It would be lovely. But Garrett and I have come to realize that a renovation just doesn't make sense at this point. A previous owner already renovated the space 10-ish years ago and put quite a bit of money into it. Us redoing it again, would be like paying twice for the kitchen and wasting perfectly good materials. And of course, there's that under-valued element of time to consider, and a renovation would certainly take a lot of our's. So we've decided to...do nothing. And we're happy with that. Sometimes okay is good enough. Ya know? Especially with fresh flowers on the counter.

Well it's Friday again, so I found lots of great links from around the web. Grab a cup of coffee and dig in!

The Home Love Network and the Bucket List Family are joining forces. Oh my, I'm Excited!

Via A Beautiful Mess // Photo: Mandi Johnson, edited with A Color Story Desktop

Loved this inexpensive makeover/IKEA hack. Also has me wondering if there are inexpensive, big-box style bookcases made without particle board, because this project has my name written all over it.

This guest bedroom is so fun. Who wouldn't want to stay for a weekend...or a month?!

Lessons from someone who hasn't bought a thing in 6 months (except necessities).

Life on a boat looks pretty beautiful. This is a fun roundup of houseboats - it's so cool to see how creatively other people live.

I put these veggie burgers on our summer grilling list. I've always been a beef burger kind of girl, but in recent years I find myself leaning to the veggie options.

Have a great weekend!



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