Happy Friday 7/26/19

Happy Friday! We’re in Minnesota, enjoying some relaxing lake time with family. This is my first time in the Land of 10,000 lakes and I’m amazed by how beautiful this state is! The lakes, the farmland, the Cities…it’s so much more than I expected. And so are the mosquitoes. Someone on Instagram told me that mosquitoes are the state bird of Minnesota and yeah, that sounds about right 🙃


Melissa Coleman’s Minneapolis home

I got to meet up with one of my all-time favorite people on the internet while we were in Minneapolis this past week…Melissa Coleman of the Faux Martha! I’ve always been struck by what a unique thinker she is (plus an amazing designer, writer, blogger, and recipe-maker) and it was SO inspiring to meet up in person! (TheFauxMartha)

3 Things you get wrong when it comes to a “clean” kitchen according to a Microbiologist. (theKitchn)

The classic and dark kitchen renovation in #theblondevic is abosolutely stunning. Catherine and Bryan do such amazing work to their old houses! (BegginingInTheMiddle) 

Killing your $1000 grocery bill. An old article, but one I’ve revisited a couple times now. (mrmoneymustache)

How to become a light packer. I love how simple this packing method is! (WhoWhatWear)

For sibling battles, be a sports caster not a referee. (NYTimes)

Lauren Liess’s recent condo flip is…no surprise here…stunning! She is the queen of collected gallery walls and I am in awe! (LaurenLiess)

Our 6-year-old’s favorite science podcast for kids. This has been a road-trip lifesaver! And bonus: it’s fun for adults too! (npr.org)

Have a great weekend!