Happy Friday 9/14/18

Happy Friday! We're still organizing this weekend's estate sale at the Ravenna House (nothing like leaving things to the last minute...;) but I have to say, I'm giddy to part with some of our stuff. It feels so good to get rid of things you're not using, you know?! It's as much about making room in my home as it is about making room in my mind. Sure there are a couple of things I'm sad we never found a spot for - like the vintage school desks and spool bed - but mostly I'm just excited to clean out the closets and usher in the new.

Our Porch House Renovation // kitchen

Our HGTV pilot, Master Plan, is available online right now (you need a cable log in)! This is the first time our pilot has seen the light of day since it aired last winter, so hopefully some of you that missed it last time, can catch it now. And for those wondering, we still haven't heard a 'yay' or 'nay' from the Network about a season.

On going gray (Cup of Jo). I recently decided to embrace my gray locks (I'm over 50% gray already) and have been sharing a bit about my grow-out process on Instagram. The transition is awkward to say the least, but also freeing.

Kitchen trends. Kitchens are my jam (along with antique bed frames) so I ate up this article from Emily Henderson.

LaTonya Yvette's home via Cup of Jo // photos by Julia Robbs for Cup of Jo

A beautiful and relaxed family home in Brooklyn (Cup of Jo). I loved the architecture and informal-ness of this dining room. Also beautiful: LaTonya's thoughts and words.

The Seattle real estate market is going through a weird moment. Mayyybbbe not the best time to sell, but oh well.

I'm listening to The Glass Castle right now and it's tragic and beautiful and the writing speaks to me. I'd definitely recommend it.

It's been harder than I expected having our oldest son start full-time Kindergarten this week. I feel a little silly writing that after mentioning The Glass Castle, but there you have it. There haven't been any tears or sad drop-offs - in fact I think we're all really excited about school - but we're also a bit shell shocked and trying to figure out this new family dynamic and stricter schedule. Someday I'll get my 3 young kids out the door and to school on time with grace, but today is not that day.

Have a great weekend. And if you're in Seattle, come visit us at the Ravenna House (more details here)!