Happy Friday 9/21/18

Happy Friday and happy start to Fall. The Pacific Northwest really knows how to do Fall right, don't you think?! All those colors and leaf piles. Sunny days and cold nights. Soups, beers, scarves...it really is the best! And after being away from home so much this summer, we're all excited to settle in this Fall. We're getting into a school routine (well trying...) and preparing the Farmhouse for the season. Mostly that means ALL the blankets and alarm clocks by the bed (although our kids are early risers and we haven't needed them yet)! Plus I'm finally turning my attention back into the entryway to make that space welcoming and organized for all our comings and goings (which has recently quadrupled with school). More on that soon...

Our Farmhouse Master Bedroom // sources here + duvet

How much does it really cost to renovate a kitchen? Well that depends...and Jenny does a great job breaking it down. There's been so much more of a discussion around home finances and renovation budgets lately and I love it!

Oh my this collection of vintage crocks, bowls, and jars is dreamy. Do you collect anything in the kitchen? Someday when we renovate our kitchen, I'd love to have a crocs displayed like this.

The best sources for scoring unique vintage pieces. Natasha is the queen of getting vintage just right and I can't wait to try out her favorite source.

This ravioli feels perfect for Fall and is definitely on my list.

Emily Henderson shared the "update classic" trend this week and I kinda sorta love it.

Instagram can be such a weird world, but I love the people I've 'met' through it and all the inspiration I've gained. This week we reached the 20,000 follower mark, and as strange as it may sound to those outside the blogging/IG world, it took us a ton of effort to get here. Along the way lots of bigger accounts have helped us gain followers and I want to share the love today. Here are 6 of my favorite Instagram accounts. These folks are all home-focused, share renovation realities, and are some of my best sources for inspiration on our own projects. They are also all under 5,000 followers.

@house_1924 Leigh and Ben are "reimagining their 1924 colonial on a real life budget" and working magic in the process. They're some of the nicest people on IG and have the best taste!

@fahnestockhouse The Kings are restoring an 1880s multi-family home in Lancaster, PA and gosh it's beautiful! They are Airbnb hosts and parents to 4 kids and can style a space like no one else.

@125and126 I am a recent follower of Christa but I love her style. She's renovating two homes, one from the 1840s, and is all about moody colors, natural materials, and vintage finds.

@thesweetbeast, Emily Cosnotti is "undecorating a 1929 Tudor-ish house in Pittsburgh" and it's beautiful. There's lots of wood trim and vintage finds done in a fresh way.

@Suzannahstanley, Suzannah and her family just bought an old home in Portland and is just starting on the renovations. This home is going to be fun to follow!

@home_stead is the beautiful home of a small family in Edinburgh. I love the simplicity of the home, the architecture, and the pops of color.

Those are a few of my favorites...I'd love to hear yours in the comments!

Have a great weekend!