Happy Friday 9/7/18

Happy Friday! We were back in Seattle this week figuring out what to do with a house full of furniture and decor. I am a little amazed at how much house stuff we have accumulated between Ravenna selling, Bryant turning back into more of a traditional rental (I owe you an update on that!), and my parents emptying out their barn. And this all came after we made a big push to purge stuff from our lives this year. So we're planning a 'moving sale' (or maybe 'estate sale' or 'giant yard sale' is more appropriate?) at the Ravenna House in Seattle next weekend, assuming we can get all of our ducks in a row that quickly. I'll post all the details on Instagram as soon as we get them worked out.

The Ravenna House // master bedroom and kitchen

We took a ton of photos at Ravenna this week, and these are a few outtakes that our kids snuck into ;)

Speaking of kids, our oldest starts Kindergarten next week. I can't quite believe it and yet I totally can. Either way it feels that we're starting in on a new phase of life around here. We've moved out of the baby-phase (especially now that Daphne turned one and quit nursing) and into the school-phase. From here on out it's all paper and pencils and drop offs and lunches (in this lunch box - we looked for months for a good dinosaur lunch box!). I ordered these reusable bags and these paper bags to cut down on plastic waste too. Here. We. Go!

I obsess over every article that Kate Wagner writes and this one was no different: To Renovate or Not to Renovate (McMansion Hell).

This kitchen feels all right for the coming cold months (Instagram). I'm pretty sure I couldn't live in such a dark kitchen, but I love it anyway.

Joyfully decluter these things to boost happiness (becoming minimalist). I'm on board.

Compost: Let's Break It Down (Literally) (Trash is for Tossers). We're really lucky to live on 3 acres and have plenty of space to throw our compost in a corner of the garden (after we pull out the good scraps for the chickens). Next year, I'm hoping to build a proper compost box.

Ashley and Sarah shared some of their favorites from the Salt Lake City Parade of Homes and this kitchen was really beautiful. Leave it to Studio McGee to steal the show.

Have a great weekend!