Happy Friday + Links 1.20.17

I had a little IT issue this week and lost all of my work from the past week, which means all of your lovely comments on Tuesday's post disappeared.  First off, thank you for the kind words on the paint color, and second, if you didn't get a chance to see my answer to your question, write another comment and I promise not to let the blog monster eat it (and my response) this time ;) Anyway...happy Friday friends!  Even in semi 'retirement', Friday is my favorite day of the week, so full of potential and excitement, even though our family tends to do the same things on the weekdays and weekends (except with later bedtimes and more pancakes).  We'll be taking a break from the living room renovation this weekend to hit up a local beer festival with friends, but I can't wait to show you guys our progress on Tuesday.  I am still looking for the rest of the major furniture pieces for our living room (antiques, probably) so this makeover will take some time yet.  But I always think rooms turn out best when you can spend some time in the space before finishing them, don't you?

Park and Oak Design Happy Friday 1.20.17

source: Park and Oak Design, more on them in a minute...

Now onto the good stuff...here are a few of my favorite happenings from around the internet this week:

Loved this quick guest bedroom makeover by Chris and Julia.  The layered bedding and all those textures have me ready to come sleep over!

book that both Garrett and I are into (quite the rarity).  It's a good one!

This renovation of a 1920's home has me dreaming of vaulted ceilings and (dare I say it) more white walls!

I've been looking for a jute rug for our living room, but with a floor space of 16'x15' we'll need something bigger than an 8'x10'.  Which rules out this inexpensive and lovely option. Dang!

This mudroom redo is pretty darn amazing.  Those cabinets are perfection!

One of my inspiration shots on Tuesday was from the design duo, Park and Oak Design.  Their gallery and Instagram account are one of my go to sources of inspiration!

Hope you have a great weekend!