Happy Friday + Links 11/3/17

Happy Friday! We spent another full week working on the Porch House and oh my it's getting soooo close to being done.  Of course it's always that last 10% of a renovation that takes the longest, so we'll see when we actually get this house on the market.  But soon!  Can you believe it'll be the first house we've ever sold?!  Six old houses and six renovations later and we've never parted with a house yet.  Of course, that will make selling the Porch House all that much harder for me.  This house has been such a big part of our lives for the past 9 months.  We filmed our HGTV pilot here.  Gave Daphne her first bath here.  And we've put so much love into this house.  Cue the tears for this sentimental mama. The Grit and Polish - Porch Paint Mask Removal C and D

Of course, there will be some positives to selling the Porch House too.  Mainly another family will get to appreciate it.  Plus Garrett and I could use some down time after a busy 9 months and the kids could use a more predictable routine for awhile.  We also have a few pressing projects to attend to at the Farmhouse like our water pressure, which appears to have dropped off the map (ugh), and a certain baby girl's nursery that needs decorating.

Well it's Friday again, and I've rounded up lots of great links from around the web.  Grab a cup of coffee and dig in.

A family compound in Maine.  One of the most beautiful new construction homes that I've ever seen, and it's mere feet away from a home built in the 1700s.

Julia rounded up 15 of her favorite Instagram home accounts with under 10k followers and we made the list!  Thank you to all those who nominated us...you guys are the best!  Now go check out the others on the list because there are some great folks there.

The lovely Floret Flowers is offering mini courses (for free!).  How to make a market bouquet...how to make cut flowers last longer...so fun!

I've been stalking this rug for a good 6 months and it's finally on sale.  But why does buying a rug feel like such a big commitment...?

How to add character to basic architecture.

Do you have what it takes to live with open shelving?