Happy Friday + Links 2.10.17

Next week is Valentines Day and it'll be pretty low key around here, like always.  Most importantly, there will be a cake, which the boys will *help* me bake.  There is something so sweet about the mother-son (and father-daughter) relationship when it comes to Valentines Day, don't you think? Growing up, my dad always gave my sister and I roses on Valentines Day, and it meant the world to us.  It was like even though we didn't have any admirers that day, we still had our flowers and an awesome dad.  And that was pretty great.  Eventually I'd like to start a similar tradition with my boys, but for now, we bake together.  Nothing says love like sugar, right?!

Tessa Insta


Now that I have dessert on the brain, let's jump into some links from the week.  Grab a cup of coffee (and maybe a donut...it is Friday after all) and enjoy:

Tessa's Instagram account is amazing if you're into sweets.  Tessa not only shares recipes on her website, but she also authored one of my favorite cake cookbooks (and that's her pup above!).

Learning to love an imperfect kitchen.  I loved reading this (how did I miss it back in July?!). There's something so much more comfortable and welcoming about a kitchen that shows wear and imperfection, don't you think?

A few candy-free Valentines card suggestions.  I love the bird whistle one!

These books would make great Valentines Day gifts for little ones (and they're all on Prime!): one, two, and three.

Ten of the most popular chocolate recipes from bloggers.  And this homemade breakfast cereal recipe is SO cute.  We usually have Scottish Oatmeal or another hot cereal in the morning, so what a special treat this would be for the kiddos!

THIS house!  Actually I should call it a grain-mill-turned-house.  If I had to pick just one style to call my own, it'd look just like this.  The old beams and tall ceilings are everything.

May your weekend be slow and lasting!