Happy Friday + Links 3/10/17

Happy Friday everyone!  We battled a plague (at least it felt like one) this week, and I'm happy to say we've come out the other side alive.  With two kids needing mama and mama needing rest, I kept wondering how on earth will we ever do this with three kids. Like really, how?!  It was ugly, but thankfully, we're back to getting out of the house, which means we're back to planning and prepping at the flip house! Speaking of the flip house, we're finalizing plans and getting materials ready for construction to begin in early April.  I must admit that I totally forgot how much effort this part takes.  We've had to put all of our Farmhouse projects on hold, mainly the living room, until after the flip house.  If I'm being totally honest, the break isn't totally unwelcome because when it comes to the living room, I have designer's-block...you know, writer's block for when you're designing a space.  I'm just stuck and can't make a choice to save my life.  Sometimes my brain just needs a break when I get to that point, and who knows, maybe now that I'm not looking, I'll finally find what I'm looking for - whatever that may be.  Isn't that how it always goes?

Well it's Friday again and that sounds pretty dang awesome.  Grab a cup of coffee and jump into these links:

One of the most exciting DIYs I've seen in a long time.  This would make a great, quick update to any kitchen, even if you're renting (because it's totally removable!).

I'm obsessed with this girls room.  Side note: the Boo and the Boy always curates the best kids spaces!

We already have so much baby stuff from the boys, so I'm trying not accumulate too much more. But with a girl on the way, it's inevitable that I pick up a few new things (insert Garrett's eye roll here).  Like this.  She definitely needs that!

Tips for a picky eater.  Our oldest is only 3 years old but I've noticed that even the best eaters can be picky at times.  Anyway, these tips are great because they're from a parent of 3 very different eaters!

design sponge kitchen tile

source // photo by Echo and Earl

This is one of the most interesting kitchens I've seen in a long time.  It's giving me all sorts of ideas.  That bit of tile interest at the top of the backsplash would be so easy to recreate in a shower or on a backsplash if you're using mosaic tiles.  It feels so historic and yet so fresh!

I bought two of these for the flip house kitchen during the 20% sale.  Our budget is super tight so it was a big splurge, but I've always found that the right lighting can really make a kitchen.  Hopefully buyers will agree with me.

AshleyKGoldman Instagram


Ashley just launched her blog, the Gold Hive, where she'll be chronicling - you guessed it - the renovation of her beautiful old home.  Check it out!  She's also a fun one to follow on Instagram if you're into old houses and all that ;)