Happy Friday + Links 3/3/17

Happy Friday!  This week has been a good one.  Maybe it's the hint of Spring in the air after this looong winter or just the pregnancy hormones talking, but I'm feeling excited and energized to take on the flip house.  It took just a couple of days at the flip house, dreaming of what it could be (especially the kitchen!), for me to get very, very excited for this renovation.  A fresh project full of fresh ideas is just what my creative brain needs.  Isn't that what Spring is all about anyway?  And I see you Spring! What are you guys up to this weekend?  Garrett and I are sneaking away to celebrate my birthday (35...eeech!) and hit up our favorite bi-yearly appliance sale.  Priorities, you know ;)

Did I mention it's Friday again?!  Grab a cup of coffee and jump into these links:

Manhattan Nest 3.3.17


Manhattan Nest is a pretty familiar name in the renovation blogging world, but if you're not already following Daniel on his blog and Instagram, I'd highly recommend it!  His projects are old and stunning and so fun to read about.

It's nice to see that even the best designers and biggest bloggers have those rooms that come together kicking and screaming.  I have no doubt Emily will make this room amazing (especially with that BEAUTIFUL table she found), but I can certainly relate to her struggles.

I'm thinking about downsizing to this pocket-sized wallet for my birthday.  Am I crazy?

A lovely farmhouse in Tennessee.

The homes on Star Bright Farm are so very, very amazing.  Scroll through their galleries for a serious dose of inspiration.

I am one of those lucky people that gets to share my birthday with an identical twin sister.  We won't be able to celebrate together for another week yet, so I'm still working on her gift.  I'm leaning towards getting her these because hello Spring!

The prettiest sunroom.  This dining room (and this one too).  And what an entry!

This is a stunning old, country home.  And to see how far it's come is quite the treat.

Hope you have a great weekend!  I'll be coming out of it one year older and hopefully one kitchen-appliance-set wealthier ;)