Happy Friday + Links 5/26/17


Happy Friday and happy Memorial Day weekend!  Goodness what a holiday this is.  For all of you who's father/mother/daughter/son/brother/sister/aunt/uncle/grandmother/grandfather/cousin is remembered this weekend, thank you.  I will be thinking of you!  Secondly (a very distant second), Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer, which deserves about sixty exclamation marks from me!  We have fresh cut lilacs all over the Farmhouse and permanent smiles on our faces.  Wilder has already ditched his shirt for the season (hoping his pants don't follow along with it) and it's time to dust off the outdoor table and get the grill going because summer is finally here! Garrett and Papa have big plans at the Porch House over the long weekend.  I cannot wait to share more on all the progress we've been making on that renovation soon, though truthfully it's been more of a one man show lately since this pregnant lady isn't quite as helpful.  So to get out of Garrett's hair for the long weekend, I'm tagging along with my sister's family for three days of swimming, napping, and hanging with cousins in Bend, OR.  I know, I know, I'm such a thoughtful wife ;).  Do you have any plans for this long weekend?

Well it's Friday again, which means I've scoured the internet for all it's greatness, and there are some great links here.  Grab a cup of coffee and jump in:

Are you planning to bbq this weekend?  Tips for making better burgers.  Plus how to grill your sausages (hint: use beer!).  We're definitely going to be grilling sausages soon!

Two great podcasts from Freakonomics, which will change the way you eat: here and here.  I cannot recommend these enough!  Sidenote: wild berry picking and the local farmer's market just moved up the summer priorities ladder.

Glitter Guide Home (2 pics)


A happy home in Wisconsin.  So much to love about this one!  Also, now I want to put a navy sconce in our navy office.

I'm dying to buy this for baby girl.  Obviously I'm already planning our late summer outings together :)

Cassandra's breakfast nook is (no surprise here) beautiful and the perfect space to enjoy syrup-soaked waffles.  Or is it just me...?

local milk


If I wasn't already excited about my Memorial Day plans, I'd be dreaming about an outside gathering at the Farmhouse like this.  Also, I love Beth's goals for entertaining: "consider every moment my guests will have & make it beautiful."

Have a great long weekend!



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