Happy Friday + Links 6/9/17

Happy Friday!  How was your week?  Garrett and I took the boys on a last minute camping trip in the San Juan Islands this week.  It rained and goodness the ground feels even harder when you're 34 weeks pregnant, but seeing our kiddos explore more of the PNW and delight in ferry rides and beach combing was worth every bit of the discomfort.  Oh the joys of childhood! Speaking of our kiddos, we are celebrating Wilder's 4th birthday this weekend.  If you've been following this blog for long, you've probably already gathered that celebratory cakes are my thing, so you can expect to see me in an apron tomorrow, doing my darndest to create the chocolate dinosaur rainbow cake of Wilder's dreams.  I can't think of a better way to spend my Saturday...unless, of course, it's baking the chocolate dinosaur rainbow cake of Wilder's dreams in the kitchen I'm about to show you.

Well it's Friday again so grab a cup of coffee and dig in to all that the internet has to offer:

Friday Gray Wade Design

Gray Wade Design Development via Instagram

Gray Wade Design Development constantly has me inspired on Instagram, but their Old Village kitchen (pictured above) stopped me in my tracks.  After seeing this, I was ready to demo our Farmhouse kitchen (good thing all of our tools were safely with Garrett at the Porch House ;).

Our Farmhouse master bedroom and the 6 Day Kitchen Reno made it onto ElleDecor.com recently.  Check out the article on navy and gold here.

This quick deck makeover (for under$1500!) was beautiful.

I love seeing the spaces people work in, especially interior designers, architects, and design/build contractors.  Because I know that these guys not only need space for the pretty stuff (design and inspiration), but also need organization and storage for the mounds of paperwork, invoices, drawings, and all the other less-than beautiful things associated with renovating and building.  Studio McGee's office doesn't disappoint.

10 tips from Farrow & Ball's colour consultant to read before you paint!  "In light spaces paint them light and in dark spaces keep the colours dark, turn the rooms into jewels." - Joa Studholme.

Colour consultant farrow and ball

Farrow & Ball via source

Related: I've been secretly dreaming of a pink dining room.  I don't think I have the staying power to really go with pink - the color preference likely has more to do with the gender of the baby in my belly than what fits our family and home - but I've loved looking at inspiration, like this room and this one.