Happy Friday + Links 7/21/17


Happy Friday!  I hope you had a good week.  We've been having lots of fun with the visiting cousins at the Farmhouse this week.  Frog hunting, water balloon throwing, fruit picking, and eating lots of good food has felt like a real summer vacation and a great distraction from being very pregnant.  Now if I could just have this baby before they head home tomorrow... I jumped back into the Porch House this week on the blog, and I'm super excited to share more about that renovation with you guys.  It really is a beautiful home and I feel so fortunate that we can bring it back to life.  Garrett's been making a lot of progress on the construction side of things over the past few weeks.  He just passed all the cover inspections (electrical, plumbing, framing, insulation) so it's basically full bore ahead now.  And guys, that means we're getting to the good stuff!  Dry wall is going up, siding is being repaired, floors are being laid, and pretty soon we'll be tiling, painting, wallpapering, and finishing this beauty.  I really can't wait to see how this renovation turns out!

Well did I mention that it's Friday again?!  Like always, I've got lots of links for you, so grab a cup of coffee and jump in:

Farrow and Ball's Game of Tones paint line.  Honestly, I've been looking for a good transition to talk about Game of Thrones all week (so thanks Farrow and Ball!) because guys...how good does this season look?!


My Tips to Surviving Your House Renovation are on Architectural Digest (!!!).  Sidenote: we definitely took our own advice on 'surviving a renovation' advice, when we camped out in our friend's living room for a week during last summer's 6 Day Kitchen Reno.  Also: I love this photo of Garrett ;)

Karrie's and Lauren's HGTV pilots are both going to air, and I'm super excited to watch them!

Meg Ryan via AD

via Architectural Digest

Leave it to Meg Ryan to have one of the prettiest New York City lofts I've ever seen.  For the record, I have a giant crush on Ms. Ryan's style.  Her beach house is still one of my favorite renovations ever!

My mother-in-law made this plum buckle the other week and it was SO good!  I had never heard of a buckle before, but I'll definitely be adding this recipe to my cake roundup!

I've had a lot of readers ask for a step-by-step guide on how we build range hood covers (like at Dexter), but unfortunately we always seem to get almost finished with them before I think to photograph the steps.  Thankfully, here's a how-to from Home Talk.

My sister ordered this from the Nordstrom sale, and now I'm craving one just like it!

Have a great weekend, guys!