Happy Friday + Links 8/11/17

Happy Friday! How was your week? I hope you managed to enjoy the heat or avoid it completely if you're in the smokey Pacific Northwest like we are.  If you haven't heard, the air quality around our parts is nasty right now due to wild fires in Canada, and it's kept Daphne and I mostly inside for the better part of 10 days.  Which, for the record, is like 7/8ths of her life so far.  Thank goodness for AC! Speaking of Daphne...that little girl has us all head over heels in love.  The boys keep sneaking kisses all over her little head, which they know they're not supposed to do when she's sleeping, but I can't bring myself to be mad about it.  Not even when they wake her up, which happens approximately 10 times a day ;)  And honestly I'm no better because I obsessively sniff her head, trying to memorize that perfect newborn scent, and pick her up whenever I have free hands - even if she's dead asleep - so I can get a few more newborn cuddles in before she leaves us for college. But really, it's all going so well.  Somehow it's been easier welcoming baby #3 than it was baby #2, and I'm not really sure why that is, but I'm going with it.

So it turns out that there's a whole world outside our Farmhouse and I've been seeing glimpses of it on the internet.  So grab a cup of coffee and jump in!

A behind the scenes look at one of my favorite brands, Farmhouse Pottery.

My mother-in-law stayed with us for a week after Daphne was born to help out with the boys (yes, she is amazing!) and left behind this book.  It is the sweetest and has the best message and I can't recommend it enough!  Sidenote: my favorite pet is the Narwahl ;)

Cup of Jo Apartment

source \ photography by Alpha Smoot

Joanna moved and of course her new place is stunning!  Sidenote: I'm obsessed with that vintage trestle desk!

Another baby girl in the world (and another 9 pounder!).  Congrats to the Marcums.

Speaking of babies, sleep deprivation is a thing.  I remember after Wilder was born, Garrett and I were like walking zombies and it was haaarrrddd!  Learning to live on 4 hours of sleep.

West Elm's having a sale on seating and this couch is so good!

Have a great weekend!