Happy Friday + Links 8/18/17

Happy Friday! How was your week?  Our's was good and busy and productive and completely unproductive all at the same time. Ha!  Thankfully the Porch House is coming right along under Garrett's expert tutelage and I couldn't be happier with how it's turning out.  I got to sneak over there last week with the kiddos to take some progress photos plus we did a shot with the family for a fun sponsored post we have coming out soon.  I got some of my favorite shots of our boys, ever, so I'm excited to share it with you guys!  Actually some of you who subscribe to the Grit and Polish emails got a sneak peek already (whoops ;) but there's more to come! The Grit and Polish - Bryant House White Kitchen Renovaiton.jpg

Garrett and I have been doing a lot of chatting about turning another one of our Seattle rentals into an Airbnb.  The Bryant House (that's the kitchen above) is up for rent September 1 and since our short-term, furnished rentals do so well over there, we're really considering it.  Of course that would mean completely furnishing and outfitting the house over 3 days at the end of August, so that's the hang up.  Timing is tight.  But furnishing a house in 3 days sure sounds fun to me so stay tuned on that decision...

Well it's Friday again, which means I'm sharing lots of great links.  Grab a cup of coffee and jump right in.

The architecture of this Budapest renovation gets all my heart eyes!  Sidenote: the last concert Garrett and I went to was George Ezra...love his voice!

Ten small ways to be happy...because we could all use a refresher.

Katie Hackworth Kitchen

source / design by Katie Hackworth / photos by Belathee

Katie Hackworth is such an amazing designer (and in Seattle!) so no surprise that her most recent kitchen is, well, amazing!

An indoor playhouse...what a FUN idea!  I could see this being a life saver in the cold winters around here!

I posted this kids book on my Instagram stories last week, because it's so cute that I had to share.  The illustrations are just SO sweet and it captured both my 4-year-old and my almost 2-year-old's imagination.  Psst: I spotted the book at Costco earlier this week too.  And did you catch that?  I went to Costco...with 3 kids!  I'm pretty sure we were walking birth control but at least we are stocked up with enough peanut butter to last through the apocalypse ;)

Speaking of books...I need a new one to read.  Any recommendations?!  Preferably something light, easy to read, and easy to pick up and put down every other page because 3 kids be makin' me busy ;)

Have a great weekend!