Happy Friday + Links 8/25/17

Happy Friday!  Well guys, it's on!  One newborn, two adults, three days, and an entire house to furnish... Yup, we decided to turn the Bryant House into an Airbnb and it's happening next week (Monday-Wednesday).  We went back and forth on this decision - Airbnb has a variable return and there's a sizeable initial investment, plus we really weren't sure if we had the time to take this on right now - but we ultimately decided to go for it.  And I'm really excited to get this house in shape!  I'll be documenting the process on Instagram Stories (if Daphne cooperates ;), so check over there to see the madness.  I haven't actually stepped foot in this house in over 3 years, so it should be interesting... Goodness it feels like we just got really busy again.  Not only are we outfitting the Bryant House by Wednesday, but the Porch House is in the 'finish stage'.  Meaning I'm picking paint colors, tiles, carpet, appliances, etc and that's when I'm not nursing/burping/snuggling a newborn.  Thankfully I find this stuff ridiculously fun (the houses and the baby), so excuse me if I'm too excited to focus on the 12 houseguests we have coming next weekend.  Ha!  No, but seriously, we have 12 houseguests coming for Labor Day and I haven't planned a single meal.  Well that's not entirely true.  One of our guests is turning 2, so I do know that there will be cake!  Goodness, I wish I could stretch the next week out for a whole year because it's going to be a good one!

Anywho, it's Friday again, which means I've rounded up all sorts of good stuff from the internet this week.  Grab a cup of coffee and jump into these links:

We're going to a family wedding on Friday (like seriously, could this week get any better?!) in Coeur d'Alene.  We have a little extra time to explore and play so I'm looking for restaurant and kid-friendly activity recommendations!  Please, do share.


source (design: @amberinteriors, photo: @tessaneustadt)

All the beautiful textiles in one room.

Summer salads rule the dinner table at our house during these hot months.  Here are 9, none of which I've tried, but all of which look delicious.

I've often wondered this myself: is the 'work triangle' really how kitchens should be designed?

Dreaming of making Daphne a dollhouse like this one (fixed up obviously ;), if she's ever into dolls!

33 Main Anne Selke


Anne Selke (as in the owner of Dash and Albert rugs) is opening up a small Inn in the Berkshires!  Just thought I'd share because it's So. Incredibly. Beautiful!

An essential for any Airbnb property: a few good games.  This one is my favorite.

Did you guys catch the eclipse?  I was sadly under prepared, but thankfully the kids and I happened into some eclipse glasses at about 10am on Monday.  And older gentleman saw us standing in the shade outside our local library and offered us his.  He said, "I've already seen 3 of these" as he handed them over ;) So we got to see quite a bit of it.  This might be my favorite photo from the event:

Eclipse photo Jasmanmander

source: Jasman Mander's Instagram

Have a great weekend!