Happy Friday + Links 9/15/17

Happy Friday!  So glad we made it!  Garrett, Daphne, and I took a trip to Seattle this week and came home with half a ton of tiles for the Porch House.  Literally, 1000 pounds of tiles!  We're going with a vintage, garden feel for the floors (which obviously means 12x24 slate ;) and classic white subway on the walls (you probably guessed that part).  It's going to be so pretty! Garrett and I also found a remnant for the upstairs bathroom countertop and got to chat uninterrupted for longer than we have in a week.  ha! One thing that Garrett and I discussed on our drive was a reader's comment from Tuesday's Airbnb post.  The comment reminded me that what we do matters.  None of us live in a vacuum and it’s so important to consider the bigger picture of what we do – whether it’s our work or what we eat or how we spend our money – and to be aware of how our actions impact our community, our environment, and the world as a whole.  With that being said, I'm trying to approach Fall with more mindfulness, less waste, and appreciation for all that we have.

The comment was actually directed at housing affordability, which is an important topic in many urban locations, Seattle notwithstanding.  Converting long-term rentals to short-term rentals can reduce housing stock for locals and that's one of the ways housing becomes more scarce and expensive.  Many municipalities, Seattle included, are working to limit short-term rentals, so knowing the local rental climate is important as a landlord.  I wrote Tuesday's post because I hoped it would be interesting, perhaps even helpful, and certainly because there's not a lot of posts like it on the blogosphere.  But I do encourage you to check local laws and consider all the impacts before you convert a property to short-term.

Well it's Friday again, and that means I've scoured the internet for lots of great links.  So grab a cup of coffee and dig in.

simply grove dutch door

source // design by Amy Sklar

A beautiful, simple kitchen.  Also: give me all the dutch doors!

Apparently painted vertical paneling is in, which is great, since I love it so. If you follow my Instagram stories, then you already know that board and batten will be making an appearance in the Porch House powder bathroom.

jenniferbunsa friday post

source // design by Jennifer Bunsa

A beautiful country home.  Check this one out...you won't regret it!

Speaking of pears...oh weren't we?  This galette is on my to-do list.  Also file this one under: prettiest food photography ever.

I have a recent obsession with picnic baskets.  Why?  I have no idea.  But this picnic basket on Amazon sure caught my eye!

Chris and Julia do a video house tour every year.  It's so fun to peek into someone's (uber-clean) home.  Also note: #cleangoals

In case you're in need of a good laugh, this review on the Windi (a baby gas aid, which I just heard about from this post) had both Garrett and I laughing hysterically last night.  Perhaps it's parent humor ;)

Hope you guys have a great weekend!