Happy Friday + Links 9/29/17

Happy Friday! How was your first week of Fall?  Oh goodness me, it's been a busy week around here.  And certainly not a productive one either, unless you consider finger painting, muffin baking, story reading and dressing up as a dinosaur productive (okay, maybe it wasn't so unproductive after all ;).  Garrett was out of town on a mountain biking trip with friends, and it was my first time going it alone with all 3 kids.  And while it was sure fun, it was also a wee bit exhausting.  Thankfully both grandmas came by to help out this tired mama with bedtimes and general life.  For the record, I think grandmothers are worth their weight in gold! Well it is Friday again and I've rounded up some great links from around the web, so grab a cup of coffee and jump in!

My absolute favorite kids book for Fall.  My boys love this one so much that I wind up reading it throughout the year.

Friday bedroom pic

source // photography by lily glass for sfgirlbybay

There's something really lovely about this bedroom.  Perhaps it's the drapes (vintage, of course) or the simplicity of the whole look or the lack of perfection, but I really, really love it.  BTW, I'm eyeing this same bed frame for the next time I spring for a non-antique bed...like in 6 years ;)

Say it ain't so.  Chip and Jojo's announcement caught me completely off guard this week and I'm feeling a little sad about it but also happy for them, you know?  I think you have to admire when people do what they need to do even at the expense of fame, fortune, and all the traditional notions of success.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski's Brooklyn townhouse.

This Halloween costume is just too good! ps this site has tons of great costume DIYs if you're still needing ideas.

Loved this post from Mary. I'm motivated to find a good kid's consignment store myself (any suggestions in Seattle or online?).  I've been on a quality-over-quantity/frugality/minimalist kick as of late, which means I'm closely watching what we spend and what we bring into our home.  Related: Melissa is picking back up her Minimalism series and I'm really excited about it!

Couldn't be more excited for John and Sherry of Young House Love to take on (another!) beach house.  This renovation is going to be good!

Cle Tile


I've been watching Natasha's kitchen renovation on Instagram stories and her new backsplash stopped me in my tracks. It's gorgeous!  She's using the same tiles as @thisoldhudson (show above) and I'm officially obsessed with them.  Dreaming of a project where I can use these beauties!

Give me all the Fall apple foods: baked apple cider donuts (I have this pan), cardamom spiced whole wheat apple cake, tahini caramel apples, pumpkin apple overnight oats.

A beautiful beauty routine.