Happy Thanksgiving + Links

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  After driving 1,700 miles, we arrived at my brother's house hungry for some turkey (and stuffing and mashed potatoes and squash and salad and granny rolls and pumpkin pie and carrot cake, and well, wish my tummy luck with all this food).  We had quite the epic journey driving through 6 states and stopping at Utah's Dinosaur Mueseum (probably Wilder's favorite stop), Dinosaur National Monument, Arches National Park, Monument Valley, and the Grand Canyon.  Mother Nature, you sure do know how to show a girl a good time! the-grit-and-polish-thanksgiving-2016-roadtrip the-grit-and-polish-thanksgiving-2016-roadtrip-wild the-grit-and-polish-thanksgiving-2016-roadtrip-monument the-grit-and-polish-thanksgiving-2016-roadtrip-hikingthe-grit-and-polish-thanksgiving-2016-roadtrip-archesthe-grit-and-polish-thanksgiving-2016-roadtrip-hiking-2 the-grit-and-polish-thanksgiving-2016-roadtrip-arches-2the-grit-and-polish-thanksgiving-2016-grand-canyon

Thank you for all your comments and encouragement on Tuesday's post!  I couldn't feel more loved or excited.  I can't do this without you, so thank you for your continued readership and support as we grow the Grit and Polish!

Now onto a few happenings from around the web, just in case that Turkey comatose has you sitting around today...

// It can be hard to outfit an old house with modern furnishings successfully, but this Brooklyn space nailed it!

// Sometimes bloggers' homes are tidy illusions, styled for the photo shoot before returning to real life.  So this post by Wit & Delight about making room for motherhood felt like a breath of fresh air.  Sometimes (read: often) there are baskets of unfolded laundry in my home!  Just thought you should know that.

// This is the perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends!  I'll be thinking about this all year.

// There was a time when One Tree Hill was big in my life, and Peyton and Lucas were my favorite couple like ever.  That really has little to do with this next link, except I'm talking about another OTH alumni, Sofia Bush.  Her new space is so soothing and interesting and I love it so much more than her faux house from the show!

// Okay, totally nothing to do with Thanksgiving or homes, but I love reading birth stories, and Bodhi's is a good one!

// I love hearing about people who live life a little different, espcially when old houses are involved!  Chelsea and Brandt are legit old house flippers in Portland that I got turned onto via Instargram.  They do amazing work and you can't help but get lost in their project archives (which you can check out here).

Now go get your pie, you deserve it!  And thanks for being here, truly!