House Stalking

SEATTLE, WA So Garrett and I have been stalking a house for a good year and a half now.  No, it's not the short-sale that we're under contract on (hoping to update you guys on that soon as we hear from the lien holders!).  It's more like a forever house.  If such a thing can exist for renovation-addicts like Garrett and I.

The house we're stalking is a short walk away from our current house in the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle.  And it's what Garrett calls the Jumanji house. You can barely see the front door behind all the jungle-like foliage.  It's a house with ivy growing over most of the siding.  A house with holes in the roof and birds living in the attic.  A house with so much gosh-darn potential.

The Grit and Polish - House Stalking Isn't it lovely?!

Now I don't want to be an enabler, but I have to tell you that house stalking is really easy. At least it is in Seattle.  There's soooo much information available online these days.  Any good gen-x google-user (or maybe even an iPhone-obsessed toddler) can find out a ton of information on a house and it's owner via the great world wide web.  Should they want to.

Based on the King County website and Zillow, the house we are house-stalking is:

  • 2.5 Stories, 3300sf (900 unfinished)
  • 3 beds/2.25 bath
  • Built in 1909
  • Features: Fireplace, deck
  • And if this house was in good shape, Zillow estimates it'd be worth $750k (yeah this city's real estate market is crazy!)

Wouldn't it make the perfect house for us to call home?!

We've certainly tried!  Over the past year and a half, we've sent polite, introductory letters, facebook invitations, and emails to the owner.  I even left him a plate of chocolate chip cookies.  Not to mention we've done a million and a half run-bys, but all to no avail.  He hasn't responded once.  But don't worry, we'll continue to watch this postential-bursting beauty.  I'm only hoping that this house finds a new owner before the wet Seattle-winters turn this old beauty into a true tear-down.

How about you guys?  Any other house stalkers out there?



p.s. I stumbled upon Nicole's old-house-renovation blog over the holidays and I am obsessed!  I mean check out this dining room...stunning!

p.p.s. And speaking of newly-discovered I the last one to hear about Mr. Money Mustache?!  This guy is awesome!  And full of inspiration and ideas on how to cut down on expenses and retire before you're too old to appreciate it!

p.p.p.s. Did you guys catch this beautiful Brooklyn apartment tour on Cup of Jo?  Loving those tall ceilings, chunky crown molding, and all that natural light.