Living Room Sneak Peak

THE RAVENNA HOUSE I finally photographed the living room, so I thought it would be fun to do a sneak peak.  In the next couple weeks, I'm going to do an honest to goodness "reveal" post and explain a little debate Garrett and I have going on about this room.  But before then, I wanted to take you guys down memory lane and show you just how far this space has come.

Here's a peak at what the room looks like today:

Ravenna House - Living Room Mantle.jpg

So the room isn't totally decorated, but it is a whole lot better then when we started.  Here's what the space looked like back in October:


How about those pink carpets?!  Not only were they nasty, but they smelled like cat pee.  Bubba couldn't get enough of 'em.  He rolled around on those things until he was silly.  I, on the other hand, couldn't stand looking at or smelling them.  So we ripped 'em up a few days after we closed on the house.



We didn't do too much work in this room (besides staging tools).  A fresh coat of paint, a new heat register, a professional floor refinish and that was it.


A whole lot better, right?!

The fireplace surround was redone by the previous owner.  Although black slate is not my favorite, it looks just fine so we decided to leave it.  We've conceded a few times on this house when things look just fine.  I also wanted to paint the windows glossy black, but adding another color to the scheme seemed like a whole lot of work while we were in the trenches of painting.  So this was another "looks just fine" moment and I stuck with one trim color throughout.

Well that's it.  Just a quickie today.  Until next time, friends...happy Friday!


p.s. The rental company didn't pick up the "tractor" until yesterday morning. Meaning Wilder was in hog heaven all week.

p.p.s. Another amazing trailer renovation.  Oh the adventures we could have in that...

p.p.p.s. Awww shucks, a Beautiful Mess.  Glad you liked our city :)