Motherhood News

Well guys, a big ol' happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there!  I'm pretty excited to celebrate with Garrett and Wilder over homemade (aka, Garrett-made) brunch on Sunday morning.  This year is an extra special mother's day celebration for me because this little family of 3 is about to become a ripe ol' family of 4.  That's right, I'm pregnant and we are thrilled! The Grit and Polish - Pregnancy 17 Weeks 6

That's my 18-week bump from last Saturday.  I can't believe how quickly I am growing!  It took me a good 12 weeks to show at all and then bam!  My belly already feels like a mansion for this little one!

If you just did the math, you already know that I'm due in late September.  But long pregnancies run in the family, so this little one is more likely to arrive in early October.

I've been really lucky to feel pretty good during my pregnancies.  This time around, there's just been a lot of afternoon naps and weird food cravings.  Right now I cannot get enough of the kale seaweed salad from the Whole Food's salad bar.  Seriously, I wake up thinking about that stuff.  I keep asking Garrett, who am I?!  Salads are sooooo not normally my MO, but at least this little one is getting a healthy start!

Of course I'm also craving all the things I can't have right now like hoppy beer (what I wouldn't give for an IPA chilled to an ungodly level of cold right now), lunch meat, creamy/moldy cheese, and fresh unpasteurized juice.  Ahhhh the joys of pregnancy.  BUT it's all totally worth it.  When you feel that little one moving, at least for me, it's total unadulterated love.  And I wouldn't trade a second of it for anything.  Except perhaps labor - I wouldn't mind sharing that 50/50 with Garrett - gender equality for all!

2015 has already been a crazy good year to us - a pregnancy, a new house, and the beginning stages of a really cool project (more on that hopefully soon) - and I can't imagine what else it has in store for us.  So long as it includes one healthy, happy baby, this mama is going to be one lucky lady!

And for the record, I'm calling another boy.  But we'll find out in another couple weeks!



p.s. I started thinking about Wilder's 2nd birthday party a while ago (hey Garrett! that's totally reasonable, it was like 3 months away) and stumbled onto this. SOOOOOOO perfect. Can't you just imagine that balloon setup in our (now fully-grassed) backyard?!

p.p.s. My favorite interior designer, Emily Henderson, is also pregnant.  She's due after me, but I'm sure she'll have that little girl in her arms long before I meet our little one.  It's cool.  So excited to follow along with her!

p.p.p.s. I'm beyond obsessed with all things baby right now, weird right?  Check out these primo nurseries and big kid rooms!