New Addition in the Kitchen

THE RAVENNA HOUSE I've been threatening to hang antlers above our range hood for a long time now.  Well that day finally came!

The Grit and Polish - Ravenna Kitchen Antlers

I wish I could say that these antlers have some personal connection, but they don't.  We ordered them from Ebay.  Garrett mounted them on a wood panel, which we stained to match the floors (well kinda close to the floors at least) and that was it.

Yes, antlers in the kitchen of an old Seattle home could be considered strange, especially since we don't hunt.  But I dig it!  Here's the thing: my design taste tends to the feminine (something I've worried about in this kitchen before) and I don't want our house looking like I'm the only one living here.  Garrett and Wilder and even Bubba get some input, so when Garrett said he wanted antlers, I was 100% in.  The antlers add a little masculine touch and bring in a down-home feel.  Honestly, I love them!

The Grit and Polish - Ravenna Kitchen April 2015 Update The Grit and Polish - Ravenna Kitchen Antler Close Up

Antlers deserve a name.  And I'd like to call these Wanda.  Cool?  Cool.