New Orleans!


Well guys we're back from vacation (did I tell you we were going on an anniversary trip to the South?!) and making some good progress at the Ravenna House. We started laying pavers in the backyard and the windows are officially replaced (and look great).  But I'll save all that for next week.  Today I want to show you a few pictures from the most magical city I've ever been to...New Orleans! I completely fell in love with this place. The stone sidewalks, southern hospitality, sunny weather, and talk about old houses! It's an amazing city and we'll definitely be back.

The Grit and Polish - New Orleans Collage 10-14-14

We did a ton of site seeing and eating in the 5 days we were in New Orleans. A few of our favorite actives were a mule-driven carriage ride around the city (departing from Cafe Du Monde), walking around the French Quarter and Garden District, taking the St. Charles trolly, doing a swamp tour by boat, sitting on our hotel's balcony, and seeing Oak Alley plantation. And eating at EAT. Crazy good food.  Plus Wilder slept through the entire dinner so Garrett and I actually got to enjoy a meal.  Got to love traveling with a 16-month old ;)

New Orleans, I miss you already! Until next time...

xoxo -Cathy

p.s. In case you're planning a trip to New Orleans soon, check out these great guides from Love Taza (here and here) and Joy the Baker (here).

p.p.s. This house has so much going for it. Old, check. Beams and brick, check. A greenhouse off the bedroom, check. Used as a movie set, check. What more could a girl want?!

p.p.p.s. Halloween sweets are for adults too!

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