Nostalgia and a Goodbye to the Bryant House



I was feeling nostalgic last Friday.  Maybe it was because we're moving or maybe it was the sunny weather, but it hit me hard.  We were walking back to the Bryant House as the sun was going down, and miraculously for March in Seattle, there wasn't a rain cloud in sight.  I walked in the front door, Wilder in the carrier on my chest, and I was taken back...

Back to summer.  Back to when Wilder was born, here in this very house.  Back to sipping beer with Garrett at the kitchen table in the afternoon. Back to those first weeks after Wilder was born doing nothing but holding him, and learning - learning about babies and patience and above all love.  Back to bare feet on the hardwoods.  Back to this kitchen and this dining table and the wingback chair where Wilder slept in my arms every day.  Back to those cribbage games on the back deck with Auntie Dayne and Uncle Adam.  Back to warm evenings and open doors and ice cream.  Back to Sunday night dinners with friends.   Back to True Blood and Falling Skies and Alphas on the couch with Garrett while we learned how to put Wilder to sleep, hour after hour.


I will miss this house.  Mostly the memory of the summer we spent in it.  This house will always be the home that Wilder was born in. The home where we first met Uncle Adam.  The home where I watched Garrett become an amazing father.  The home where I fell head over heels in love with my son.  It's only been 14 months since we moved in, but our lives are so much fuller now.  And I will always, always be thankful for the part this house played in that.


So it's on to the next.  We leave the Bryant House behind in the capable hands of renters and we move into the Ravenna House, this time as a family of 3 (plus Bubba).  I look forwards - oh do I ever - to the memories we will leave behind there someday.

Wish us luck!