Our Tiny Master Bathroom: What it Cost


I showed you the finished master bathroom last week, so let's take a quick look at what it cost.  As you probably remember, this space was originally a dining nook, so we had to buy everything that went into building a bathroom: plumbing, venting, tub, sink, toilet, etc. Can you believe this bathroom cost under $3000?


And considering the massive transformation, I was surprised just how little it cost us to build this bathroom!  We kept the budget down a few ways.  First of all, we know an electrician (thanks Papa!) and my husband is a plumber and a framer and a carpenter and a painter and an all around pretty handy guy (when he isn't busy in the lab being a biochemist...serious!), so we didn't have to pay for any labor.  I also picked up vintage fixtures, which fit better and cost less than new ones.  We were also able to work with the existing floors so avoided expensive tiles or new hardwoods.

Here's the cost breakdown:

$250     Plumbing rough-in

$250     Electrical rough-in

$500     Claw foot tub

$630     Tub hardware

$45       Sink

$30       Mirror

$130     Toilet

$180     Vent

$50       Light fixture

$75       Shower curtains

$200     Door

$25       Window film

$230     Demo/Framing

$100     Paint

$100     Floor Finishing

$200    Incidentals

$2,995 Total

Yup, it cost us just under $3,000 to turn the Dexter House master into a suite.  Of course, this doesn't include house-wide costs, like adding a new electrical panel or taking out permits, but you get the picture.  All in all, pretty darn reasonable.  I'm not a realtor by any stretch of the imagination, but I think one would agree that this was money well spent if we ever went to sell the Dexter House!

The Grit and Polish - Master Bathroom Renovation All

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