Progress and Pressure

THE DEXTER HOUSE Well guys I'm officially 31 weeks pregnant, which means I only have 2 months left until my due date.  And despite the fact that I'm so excited to meet this little guy - because both Garrett and I really, really are - I'm starting to feel the pressure.  My burgeoning belly is like a constant reminder that we need to get this house done.  And pronto!  Because we need to be moved in before baby arrives.

Turns out nine weeks is not a ton of time to complete a renovation, especially when you're working around 9-5 jobs and a toddler.  So I took the week off of work to give us a little extra push on the Dexter House.

The Grit and Polish - Dexter Cathy Working on Fireplace

We've had a super productive week: we're getting the plumbing inspected, prepping for the hardwood refinish, finishing the electrical rough-in, building a fireplace, picking up drywall, and hopefully installing some of the kitchen cabinets.  We've gotten enough done that I'm actually starting to feel optimistic (dare I say confident) that this renovation really will come together before baby boy gets here!

With all this time spent at Dexter, I have so much awesome stuff to show you guys in the weeks to come.  Until then, check out these cement tiles that came in the mail on Monday.  We're going to face the fireplace and tile the range backsplash with them...

The Grit and Polish - Dexter Tile

Gorgeous, right?!