Renovation Inspiration | 6.9.16

Life has been really good lately.  We've been spending more time out-of-doors than in, and more time together as a family than apart.  And when debating whether to tackle the basement renovation or go on an adventure, the later always wins out.  So while we may be a little behind schedule on the renovation (read: we haven't started it yet), we're miles ahead with summer memories.  And that's a win in my book. Naturally, we're off on another adventure this weekend.  And even though I'm a no-show on progress, other folks from around the world wide web have been busy renovating old homes.  Here are a few of my favorite renovations and happenings from this week: Jersey Ice Cream Co Old Chatham Renovation Bedroom 6-6-16 The fabulous renovation duo known as Jersey Ice Cream Co is at it again.  And no, I'm not talking about ice cream.  Check out the rest of this stunner on Remodelista.

Elle Decor Rustic Farmhouse Renovation Living Room 6-6-16

Old farmhouses are on my brain lately (okay, always) and this Elle Décor feature does not disappoint.  Rustic farmhouse style at it's best!

A Country Famrhouse in Beekman Boys Book 6-6-16

One of my all-time favorite renovations is in the new Beekman Boys book!  But actually my favorite thing about Catherine's announcement post is the last few lines: "The only thing I can say is that I am not so sure people necessarily choose the homes they buy. For in both our cases, I feel as if our homes chose us."  Sooooo right!

Coco Kelley Kitchen Renovation Plan 6-6-16

Last, but not least, Cassandra of coco+kelley started on her kitchen renovation this week!  I can't wait to see how her simple and natural and soothing design takes shape.   I'm 100% confident that it's going to be a stunner!

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xoxo -Cathy

p.s.  I hope to photograph the Dexter House's backyard soon for a reveal post!  But in the meantime, you can catch sneak peaks on Instagram, where you may also glimpse my wild know, in case you miss us ;)

p.p.s. speaking of Instagram, I went down renovation memory lane at the Ravenna House yesterday.  I forgot just how bad that basement was...!

p.p.p.s. Wilder is turning three next week. Three! I'm just striving for no tears (on my part), lots of dinosaurs and chocolate cake.  And did I mention chocolate cake?  Lots and lots of chocolate cake. Hopefully something like this one.