The Great White Bathroom

THE RAVENNA HOUSE I'm really excited to show you the upstairs bathroom this week.  It's not exactly done yet, but we're really close.  And I love it!  It's pretty and it's white and it's classic.  But mostly it's just white.

There's something really fresh about a white bathroom.  Not so much with pink.  Do you remember what this room used to look like?  Pink walls, pink floors, pink tiles.  Not ringing a bell?  Well here's a reminder.  I give you the great, pink bathroom.  (And I mean great as in a great amount of pink!)


The pink is pretty bad, right?  But do you know what was worse then the pink?  I know, I know you're probably thinking nothing could possibly be worse then the pink.  But I swear, the layout was!  The toilet and vanity were so close that you could hardly sit down without knocking your knees on the cabinet.  And there was barely room to step into the shower in between them.

So we fixed it.  We put the new pedestal sink closer to the door and switched the door swing so it opens towards the toilet.  We also added a moisture barrier and tiled the shower surround, pulled the old linoleum flooring up to reveal the most gorgeous hexagon tile floor (which turned out to be a real pain in the ass which I won't go into here), added wainscoting, and painted everything.  Plus behind all the finishes are new electrical wires and plumbing pipes.

We salvaged the tub, floors, door, window, moldings, and toilet, but removed every shred of pink.  So here it is.  The great, white bathroom:

Bathroom Progress Collage 4-19-14 IMG_9926Bathroom Progress Collage 2 4-19-14Pedestal SinkIMG_0245

Wall Paint: BM Revere Pewter @ 50% | Door Handles: Home Depot | Trim Paint: BM Simply White | Floor Tiles: Original | White Subway Tiles: Home Depot | Wall Tile Grout: Delorean Gray, Home Depot | Overhead Light: Amazon | Vanity Light: Home Depot | Sink: Home Depot | Faucet: Home Depot | Shower: Home Depot | Teak Stool: Serena and Lily | Whale Faucet Cover: Amazon | Shower Curtain Rod: Amazon | Shower Curtain: gift from my mom | Mirror: Vintage, yard sale

There are still quite a few things that need to be finished in this room.  There's drywall patching and paint touchup.  The wood window needs a couple more coats of paint.  Plus I want to put a mirror door on the old medicine cabinet cavity.  And the original bathtub needs refinishing.


Yes, we're actually using that tub.  It's not dirty, just stained.  Is that better?  I'm not sure.  Anyway, we're planning to hire the tub refinishing out, but the rest of the work items are really quite minor and we'll tackle them ourselves.  I'll add them onto our kind-of-long-and-getting-longer punch list for the upstairs and we'll get to it when we get to it.  Hopefully this year.

Did you notice that the window doesn't have any blinds or cover on it?  Add that to the punch list.  Surprisingly it hasn't been a big issue because the window fogs up when you turn on the shower, so you can't see in or out.  But I'd really like to find shutters or blinds or something for it just because it seems like it should have something on it.  Any ideas?  Seriously I'd love to hear them.

I'll leave you with one more picture of Wilder, because he's the biggest fan of the bathroom.  Well, he didn't exactly say that - he doesn't say much besides dada dada DADA! - but the kid loves his bath time!  And his bath toys.



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