We've Officially Moved (Again!)


THE DEXTER HOUSE Guys, we've done it!  We've moved into the Dexter House and we're thrilled to be here.  Garrett and I really love this house and I think Wilder does too, although it's kinda hard to make sense of a two-year-old.  We love the flow, the way the living spaces open onto each other, the abundance of natural light, the functionality of the decidedly-not-white kitchen, and the amazing fact that we have a master suite.

Don't get me wrong, there's still more work to be done on this renovation.  We've got to install a mantle on the fireplace, pick out some final light fixtures, add the cabinet hardware, and figure out what we're going to do with the middle bedroom.  But we're closing in on 95% complete with this renovation (not including that whole other project we call the downstairs unit, of course) and that's pretty dang great.  I'm comfortable saying that this house is officially ready for baby.  And considering we're planning a home birth here at the Dexter House (and any day now too), that is a very good thing!

I have a ton of rooms and projects to share with you, but that will have to come later when things slow down.  Today, I wanted to give you a glimpse of some of the Dexter House finishes.  These are all from my phone and you'll have to forgive me if you see duplicates from Instagram.

The Grit and Polish - Dexter House completion and move in 2 Collage

Oh man I'm excited about so much of this!  Dexter is a really great house and I can't wait to share it all with you!  But for now, let me just share a fun fact about our move: it was our fourth in three years.  Yup, we're averaging more than one move a year.  Which. Is. Crazy!  Especially when you think that the Dexter House is Wilder's third home and he's only 27 months old.  The kid is going to turn out to be a vagabond, and it will be 100% our fault!

So you're probably wondering if we'll be taking it easy now that Dexter is almost done.  Except you kinda already know that we won't.  First we're going to get the Ravenna House ready to rent starting early-October.  Just some cleaning and furniture thinning there (we're going to try renting the house furnished on Airbnb).  Then we'll finish up some of the lingering projects here at Dexter.  And then it will be time to finalize a plan for the lower unit at Dexter (remember this property is going to be a duplex).  And lets not forget the most important thing...getting in lots and lots of newborn snuggles when this boy arrives!

Speaking of the baby, that lower right picture is from yesterday.  I'm 39 weeks and 6 days today!