What I'm Loving About My House Lately


THE RAVENNA HOUSE With Memorial Day behind us, it finally feels like summer.  Afternoons at the park, walks around the neighborhood (aka looking for our next old house), and evenings with the front door wide open.   I love it all!  It's given me a pep in my step and a renewed vigor to get the upstairs renovation wrapped up.  Last weekend we put the shelves up in the kitchen (more on that later this week) and hung the very first picture at the Ravenna House.  That's after living here for over two months.  But better late then never.

Or so they say.

The picture went up in Wilder's nursery as part of a small gallery wall.  Putting that first nail hole through the lath and plaster hurt a little bit.  But I'll get over it.

So here it is, what I'm loving about my house lately:

Wilder's Adventure Animal Nursery Gallery Wall

Animal alphabet poster: art by Rifle and Co, frame from Amazon | Clock: Amazon (similar to this one) | Roe Antlers: Ebay (similar to these) | Gold-framed luggage tags: vintage frame, family tags (featured by Museum Quality Framing here - mine is third row down in the center) | Brown-framed sketch: vintage frame, sketch of me done by my high school best friend, Lulu | All other resources available in this post

What about you?  Are you loving anything about your house lately?