What's going on at the Farmhouse // A list of projects

THE FARMHOUSE We've started a lot of projects at the farmhouse since moving in this past July (many more than we've finished...), so today I wanted to recap them.  I mentioned before that we're taking our Farmhouse renovation slowly.  We're going from room to room and working on those spaces as inspiration or necessity strikes.  Besides the One Room Challenge, we're not on any prescribed timeline, so we're working on rooms as I find pieces, inspiration, and time.  It's hard to live in a house that's only partially furnished, but I think that houses evolve best over time, so we're giving ourselves the luxury of time with this house renovation.

Here are the spaces that we've started at the Farmhouse:

Brooks' Nursery - this was the first space we started, but it got put on the back burner when we started the One Room Challenge.  Brooks sleeps comfortably in the wallpapered crib nook already, so there's no huge rush to work on it anymore, but I'm still trying to source drapes and bring more color in here.  I don't want to spend much money decorating this room because it's just a temporary stop for Brooks (he'll eventually move in with Wilder), but I still want it to be a comfy space for him and overflow guests.  Here's what the room looked like before we refinished the hardwood floors.  You can read more on this room here.


Wilder's Room - I haven't shared much about this room on the blog yet, but I will soon (ish).  The room is not done - I have plans for an accent color and more storage in here (Wilder has grown into quite the collector of EVERYTHING) - but this is what Wilder's space looks like now.


Master Bedroom - we completed this room last month for the One Room Challenge, and it's nice to have one space done...at least for now.  I still dream about a fireplace in here, so that will likely happen when we find the right antique fireplace surround, but no rush.


Living Room - I showed you guys the couch we ordered for this room on Tuesday.  We'll start tackling this room after the couch arrives, but I still need to find chairs and storage.  To say I'm looking forward to having a comfortable and beautiful room on the main floor, is a huge understatement!

The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse Before Living Rm Windows

Office - so this isn't a room that we've started...yet.  But both Garrett and I are ready to have a workspace at the Farmhouse so we'll probably pull up carpets and start to work on this space early next year.  I'm imagining a darker paint color, a large table with rolling drawers underneath, and a small area of art supplies for kids who inevitably sneak in.

The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse Before Office

Besides all of these rooms at the Farmhouse, we have a couple of projects going on outside of the Farmhouse, including one really exciting renovation slated for next year.  I'm excited to share more about these other projects when the time is right, but for now, let me just say that 2017 is going to be a busy year!



p.s. We're trying to up our holiday story time around here, so I'm on the hunt for more Christmas stories.  Any that you would recommend?!

p.p.s. Something about this Brooklyn apartment seems so nostalgic and sweet.  I'm not usually one to embrace decor themes like this family did, but it totally works here!

p.p.p.s. Our due date to find a new planet for humanity to call home.  This is not good news.