What's on Your...Coffee Table

THE RAVENNA HOUSE This post is part of a collaborative series called, "What's on Your...".  It's a real-life glimpse into 9 bloggers homes - the good, the bad, and the messy.  Each month we'll focus on a new surface like a bedroom nightstand, a kitchen counter, or a bookcase.  And today, we're looking at a furniture staple in the living room:

Coffee Tbale

Oh the living room.  This space has caused quite a stir over here at the Ravenna House.  We've had it arranged every which way, but we've finally settled on a layout that's comfortable and practical.  This includes an old trunk that we use as our coffee table. It was Garrett's mothers and has been in the family for decades. It's got an aged patina and it's big and boxy and the perfect height for lazy feet.  Besides, looking at the well traveled trunk gives me a bit of wanderlust, which is always welcome around this house!

The Grit and Polish - Coffee Table 2

We usually keep the coffee table top pretty simple. Just a tray, some reading materials, a candle, and whatever toys Wilder's thrown on it.  I really love having fresh flowers up there, but we haven't quite figured out how to do that without a certain someone tipping over the vase and pulling the flowers off the stem.

Currently, this book is my coffee table reading material of choice along with a stack of current This Old House, House Beautiful and Country Living magazines for those free moments of reading.  Okay, so free moments may be wishful thinking when you've got a wild toddler on your hands, but a girl can dream!  I top my coffee table off with my favorite Anthropologie candle and one of Wilder's animal figures, which I tend to find in unexpected spots all over the house.

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