Your Last Chance Gift Guide


Well guys, Christmas is almost here.  And whether you're an early shopper or a procrastinator, you're bound to have one or two people left on your list.  So I teamed up with my sis to compile a last minute gift guide.  My sis is the best gift giver I know.  She has like one thousand nieces and 2 nephews and is always spinning out perfectly-wrapped Christmas gifts to far-away cousins by Thanksgiving.  And they always LOVE their gifts!  But unlike her, some of us are procrastinators, so we've filled this list with items you can still get in time for Christmas...if you get on it, like now!

Last Chance Gift Guide

Husband/Uncle: vest, slippers, lawn mower | Grandma: book, scarf, bird watching binoculars | Little Boy: boots, toolbox, long underwear | Little Girl: Onesie, blanket, book | Grandpa: cookbook, rub, hat | Sister/Auntie: blouse, scarf, book | Bigger boy/girl: coat, legos, tape measure.

A bunch of these items were actually from my or my sister's Christmas shopping lists.  I'm not going to say who's getting what...but that vest looks pretty cozy, doesn't it Garrett?!  That toolbox was actually my sister's ingenious birthday gift to Wilder, which I have since copied at least 3 times.  The pink blouse was a little Xmas gift to myself (you know how it goes...).  And those adorable cowboy boots were a present for Wilder this summer, which he loves.  Wilder still cries out "boops" and demands to put them on every time he sees those gosh-darn-cute boots!

Lucky for my bank account, all these presents are under $50...except one or two (hey, some people were extra good this year, plus a lawn mower really is a nice way to nudge, isn't it?!).  My favorite thing about Christmas shopping online is that pretty much everyone is offering free shipping in time for Christmas.  So no more excuses...get it done!

Now if I'd just take my own advice and finish up our shopping...!  Thank the heavens for Amazon Prime, because there's always tomorrow!

Thanks for your help, sis.  As always, you're a life saver!