Bryant House // Bathroom & Office Airbnb Makeover

THE BRYANT HOUSE This is part 5 of our Bryant House Airbnb makeover.  See more of this series here: part 1 (why we turned a traditional rental into an Airbnb), part 2 (living room), part 3 (master bedroom), part 4 (kitchen and dining nook) and part 5 (bathroom and office)

Well guys, this is the last part of the Bryant House makeover that I have left to show you.  I'll probably still write another post on Airbnb hosting - tips, essentials, lessons learned, etc - but that might not be for a little while.  In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions or topics you want me to cover!

Today, we're going to look at the bathroom and second bedroom at the Bryant House.  Let's start with the small but efficient bathroom.

The Grit and Polish - Bryant Airbnb After Bathroom 2

I really wanted to start this post with a photo of this bathroom pre-renovation, but I couldn't find one since we renovated this house before I started the blog and I was way less judicious about taking photos back then.  As small as this room is today, it was even smaller when we bought the house.  The area the tub now occupies was originally the master closet, so the whole bathroom was shrunk by 2.5 feet in width.  Trust me when I say, it was TINY, even by old house standards!

The Grit and Polish - Bryant Airbnb After Bathroom sinkThe Grit and Polish - Bryant Airbnb After Bathroom

I'm sure you guys have gathered by now that I am a fan of clawfoot tubs.  Garrett, not so much.  Somehow I won out in this bathroom, though I fully admit that they don't make for the best showering experience.  But still, they are so charming and beautiful and sturdy and the perfect solution for a small space.  I found this tub at a local salvage shop along with the sink and we painted both in Mango Gold (I believe it was a Ralph Lauren color sold through Home Depot).  I love how cheery they are.

As a rental, we stock this bathroom with white towels, shampoo/conditioner, soap, TP.  We also started leaving black washcloths in our Airbnb bathrooms for makeup removal.  Before we stocked these, we noticed quite a few of our white towels stained from makeup.

Airbnb host tip // provide black washcloths for makeup removal to limit staining on white linens

The Grit and Polish - Bryant Airbnb After Bathroom tub detail

For Airbnb, we planned to convert the second bedroom into a bunk room, but serendipitously Garrett grabbed the wrong bed frame at IKEA.  We discovered the error on the last night of our 3-day makeover, and by then it was too late to make another trip to IKEA.  But the stars aligned for Garrett and his error ended up saving us a chunk of change.  You see, the next day Garrett had a tour of the house lined up for a couple that was interested in renting month-to-month.  And wouldn't you know it, they took the house on the spot, and since they didn't have kids, they asked for an office instead of a second bedroom.

Can you believe we had a desk, rug, chair, and curtain just sitting in our basement?  I guess that's the benefit of having had moved so many times in the past 8 years. Ha!  After purging our basement, we were able to whip this room up for $0 in an afternoon.  A win for Garrett...but don't tell him I said that.

The Grit and Polish - Bryant Airbnb After Office desk The Grit and Polish - Bryant Airbnb After Office curtainThe Grit and Polish - Bryant Airbnb After Office from Living RoomThe Grit and Polish - Bryant Airbnb After Office chair

This second bedroom also offered an ideal spot to store extra linens and supplies since there isn't a linen closet in the house.  For all of our Airbnb's we have a central location for sheets, towels, vacuum, iron, and a First Aid kit that guests can easily find if needed.  Storing all of this together also makes turns a little easier.

Airbnb host tip // leave extra bed linens, towels, and a first aid kit in a spot accessible to guests

The Grit and Polish - Bryant Airbnb After Office closet

Admittedly, this room will likely transform to a bunk room when the house converts to an Airbnb at the end of the couple's month-to-month tenancy.  At that point, the linen storage will likely end up in the basement by the laundry and this sweet little office furniture will end up back in storage.  But in the meantime, I'm pretty happy with this serendipitous (and free!) office.

The Grit and Polish - Bryant Airbnb After Office lamp The Grit and Polish - Bryant Airbnb After Office 2

sources: desk // chair // rug (similar) // lamp // pillows

That's the last of the Bryant House Airbnb spaces.  It isn't a large house by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a light and bright and comfortable - just the way an Airbnb rental should be!