Dexter House: Main Floor Planning

THE DEXTER HOUSE After a year and a half, I'm thrilled that we are moving from the Ravenna House renovation to the Dexter House renovation.  Where has the time gone?!  Seriously, it feels like just yesterday we were laying out a floor plan for the Ravenna House.

I hope you're as excited as I am to get into the Dexter House!  For Garrett and I, it'll be double as exciting watching this project take shape, along with the growing project in my belly!

The Grit and Polish - Dexter Demo at 20 Weeks 2

The Grit and Polish - Dexter Demo at 20 Weeks 2

So as you can see we're in demo mode at the Dexter House (here are the original photos of the main floor in case you've forgotten).  We've also finally settled on a renovation plan that both Garrett and I are happy with.  We are going to tackle this house in two phases.  First, we're going to renovate the main floor (Wilder and I got the permit for this scope last week) and then we are going to tackle the basement.  The reason for the multi-stage approach, is because we're planning to convert this property into a duplex and possibly a triplex.  But that's a post for another day.  Today, let's focus on the main floor renovation plan.

When we first bought the Dexter House, this is was what the floor plan looked like.

2020 Dexter FLOOR PLAN Existing 4-20-2015 JPEG

2020 Dexter FLOOR PLAN Existing 4-20-2015 JPEG

Ignore the square footage number on that drawing - it's totally wrong, this main floor is more like 1100sf.

Post renovation, this is what the house will look like:

2020 Dexter Main Floor Permit Drawing 5-12-2015 copy

2020 Dexter Main Floor Permit Drawing 5-12-2015 copy

The majority of the changes are in the kitchen and master bedroom on the east side of the house (top of the drawing).  We're annexing the dinning nook from the kitchen and giving it to the master bedroom.  Now I would normally NEVER take space away from a kitchen (especially a small-ish kitchen in an old house), but in this instance, it was necessary.  The dining nook was awkward and creates some strange geometry that actually limited the amount of cabinets we could fit in the kitchen.  Plus we already have a dining room and it seemed redundant to have two indoor dining spaces so close to each other in a 1100sf house.  So, we're going to convert the dining nook to a master bathroom.  Yes, you read that right, we're adding a master bath to the Dexter House!It'll be a highly-anticipated first for us.  The bathroom will be small (tiny actually) but I'm beyond excited about it.  We're also going to update all of the mechanical systems, rip out the stairs, add a laundry room, and pretty everything up on the main floor.

Here's a quick rundown of our renovation plan:

  • New kitchen (gut most of the existing space and put in new everything)

  • Brand new master bath

  • Add french doors off of master bedroom

  • Remove stairs between main floor and basement

  • Expand master closet and add organizer

  • Add laundry closet

  • Update electrical

  • New lighting throughout

  • Update plumbing

  • New heating system

  • Bring gas to property

  • Paint throughout

  • Refinish wood floors throughout

  • Replace plumbing fixtures in existing bathroom

  • Repair roof

  • Backyard landscaping and beautifying

We should have that done in a jiffy!  Just kidding, we don't expect to be done with the main floor renovations until August or more likely, the beginning of September.  Which should be just in time for us to get settled before baby #2 arrives.  Because yes, we plan to move into the main floor of the Dexter House this summer!  Not that surprising, right?!  More on that to come.

Next up is a look at demo and more-detailed plans for the kitchen and master bath.  In the meantime, I'd love to hear your thoughts on our floor plan.  Do you think we're crazy for taking space away from the kitchen?!



p.s. did you do the riddle and find out the gender of our second child?!  I'm secretly thrilled and terrified all at the same time!

p.p.s. If I had $1.8 million I would buy this house, hands down.  Did you see those vaulted ceilings?!  Plus that lot is just about as big as all four of our properties combined!

p.p.p.s. Did you guys catch this house tour on Lonny?  Who knew Tiffani Thiessen was so cool?!